Saturday, April 27, 2019

Making Up The Rules In Maryville?!?!

Report of sketchy court practices in the stix and legal questions worth a look. Checkit:

Juror: Jury In Tased Teen Case Wasn't Told Why They Couldn't Hold City Of Maryville Liable

Jurors who declined to find two police officers liable for tasing a teen with autism were willing to consider holding the city of Maryville, Missouri, liable - but the judge took that decision out of their hands.


Anonymous said...

The police are out of control in maryville, but then again with all the koloreds going to school up there maybe this helps keep them in line, unlike killa shitty where nobody does anything to stop crime. Sad.

Anonymous said...

11:03 I'm sure it takes everything the Marysville cops have to keep those 2-3 'colored' in line, I'm sure [/sarcasm]

Fucking idiot...

Anonymous said...

NWMSU has one of the lowest black student populations in the MIAA schools. Most blacks go to either Lincoln, UCM or Missouri Western.

Cops up there are tough, and that's a good thing. Keeps the crime down and the people feel safe. I wish the cops in KCMO were as tough.

Anonymous said...

2:11 there is a lot of negroes going to nwmo, they be gettin dat free college edumacation.

There’s almost 450 of them there this year, per their website, Fucking idiot