Thursday, April 18, 2019

KCPS Youngster School Life: Unstable

An important part of the problem for educators and the embattled school district . . . Students don't stay in one place long enough to thrive. More insight and reporting of local accreditation problems that start at home:

How many kids transferred in, out of KCMO schools this year

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - When a student has an unstable childhood, they are less likely to be successful through high school. As a result, school districts have to find ways to be an entire support system beyond the classroom.


Reality Speaker said...

Advocating an expansion of school responsibility beyond that of quality teaching is problematic.

Indeed, home environment plays a crucial part in a student's motivation to learn.

My concern is more institutional (government) intrusion into family affairs.

If this school district (KCPS) had a better record of doing what it is traditionally expected to do. I might not be so skeptical.

Anonymous said...