Friday, April 19, 2019

KCMO Bike Plan 'Lifesaving' Lies Exposed?!?

Kansas City number-crunchers take umbrage with the bold statement of the BikeWalkKC crew and their EPIC ask for cash that has run into quite a bit of opposition this week . . . Checkit:

Would Kansas City Bike Lanes Actually Save 36 Lives per Year? Probably Not

Kansas City officials are working on a draft of the Bike KC Master Plan, a strategy for increasing bike lanes within city limits. Advocacy group BikeWalkKC says that the plan, which could cost taxpayers anywhere from $387 to $418 million, would save 36 lives per year if implemented.


Tracy Thomas said...

Preposterous! 36 folks may lose their lives on Armour alone!

Anonymous said...

Excellent points. The 36 lives break down is:

15 lives saved by increased physical activity
6 lives saved by improved air quality
15 lives saved by a reduction in fatal car crashes (not crashes that occur because a cyclist was involved—any fatal car accident counts)

All this is HIGHLY speculative and not a justification to spend taxpayer dollars and inconvenience thousands (NOT highly speculative) of drivers every day.

A message to the city: Pull your heads out and fix the potholes.

Anonymous said...

Agree!!!!! Those bike lanes are causing accidents! Armour is a mess and when MAC starts their new project next month it's really going to be treacherous with all of those cars trying to pull out of Harrison, Campbell, and on down the road because MAC doesn't have enough parking for their project. The big mistake of Kansas City's not thinking, planning and economic development.

Super Dave said...

Did 36 people die last year from lack of Bike Lanes? Did 36 people die the year before from lack of them. I have to say the same person who dreamed up this 36 body count is the same fool who said 25 million people a year visit Kansas City.

Lets get Mueller to do an investigation to find these 36 plus bodies. Any bets he'll come back saying there isn't any evidence to support such a claim same as his last investigate showed that was brought on by a group of snowflakes which wasted millions in tax dollars on a snipe hunt.

Anonymous said...

This is the sort of analysis that local newpapers should be conducting, but they won't (or more likely, can't). Why waste time on something that will inform the public but won't bring in any Pulitzer nominations.

Anonymous said...

Armour bike lanes have made it a no go zone for me, which is too bad bc armour used to be a great east-west rip thru midtown. Hope they leave 36th street alone. Hope they leave paseo alone. Narrowing streets is bad for cyclists (“road diet” fad). The armour bike lanes removed left turn lanes so the cars turning left cause a traffic stack which is dangerous for motorists and cyclists. Also hard to cross or turn onto armour due to parked cars now way out there. Also making traffic one lane causes fewer opportunities to cross bc traffic single file and more steady.

But then again what do I know I just ride my bike every day to work I’m not a genius city planner or MARC analyst or a self-anointed bike activist.


Censored citizen said...

The city should be spending the money the bike people demanded to fix potholes, sewer lines, water lines, and failing infrastructure that needs to be fixed.

Hyperblogal said...

Meanwhile, 40 people were killed by obstructed views.

Anonymous said...

I just want to know if I get drunk and go to my car and start it up to stay warm while sitting by a street will I be busted for DUI?

Please hurry with that answer as I plan to go bar hopping tonight starting in the P&L Dist then heading over to Westport to cap off the night.

I mean I can use the Lucas defense right?

Brookside Bob said...

Bike walk KC has made a mess of Kansas City streets. DO NOT give them more money.

Anonymous said...

You could save far more than 36 lives by banning any vehicle with fewer than four wheels from all City streets.

northlander said...

Ally ways and side streets could be put to better use for bike lanes at a lower cost

Anonymous said...

Hey 10:30
you are a fucking genius.
Some people don't own cars.
Bicycles were on our streets before cars were invented. They have every right to be there. Pull you head out of your ass.

Anonymous said...

11:42 maybe so but see someone years go said gee this is a dumbass way to get around when it's nasty so lets invent cars.

BTW stupid horse and buggies used paved streets before the bicycle. So see your wrong,