Friday, April 19, 2019

KCMO Bailing Out Of Jackson County Jail

Credit where it's due, this is a good move given the ongoing human rights crisis, Sheriff Forté now in charge and the continued scrutiny of Exec Frank White's Administration. Read more:

KCMO working out plan to move inmates from county jail

City inmates will be forced to leave the county jail June 25 after negotiations stalled between leaders in Jackson County, Missouri, and Kansas City, Missouri. The city is working on logistics as it makes plans for a new municipal jail.


Anonymous said...

Forte wants the killa shitty hoodrats out of his jail, they’re the ones causing all the problems

Anonymous said...

9:24 I doubt the people being held on Kansas City municipal charges are causing the problems in the county lock-up. Meanwhile, a guy being held on state murder charges was allowed to roam the jail corridors for hours and eventually rape a woman being held for some insignificant municipal violation. But as Forte's pal Frank White likes to put it that's "old news."

Byron Funkhouser said...

Let's remove dangerous criminals from society, & then throw the misdemeanor outlaws in there with them.