Friday, April 26, 2019

KCK Mayor Makes Awful Verrückt Excuse Amid Inevitable Decapitation Shut Down

He's either out of the loop or far too optimistic about just about every other Kansas politico looking forward to putting this company out of business locally after one of their one suffered a horrific tragedy at the park . . .

“It’s a good site. It’s a good working park. I believe it will come back — not sure when or how, but I believe it’s going to,” said David Alvey, mayor/CEO of the Unified Government of Wyandotte County/Kansas City, Kan

Peruse the tease . . .

UG Mayor Alvey: Schlitterbahn has a future in KCK - Kansas City Business Journal

Although Schlitterbahn Waterpark has yet to make clear what plans it has - if any - for its Western Wyandotte County facility, it has one believer in its potential. "It's a good site. It's a good working park.


Anonymous said...

For the right price, someone will get this up and running again. I don't know if that price will ever get there.

Don from Parkville said...

There you go disgusting to stand on Caleb's grave and crow like you do. Constantly harping on the details of his death like you do... what is the point? Does it bring you some pleasure? What exactly is the mayor of KCK supposed to say in your opinion? At least he is saying something.

Tracy Thomas said...

The UG has a huge tax problem with this site. That's why they are trying to resurrect it.

they will say whatever they can to toss this hot potato to a new owner. I predict a new name is coming soon.

Glad Schlitterbahn went out of business in this market. They have financial woes in Texas as well. Plus the dumb ass family member Jeff Henry. The Tyreek Hill of cocky Texas assholes.

The reason Tony mentions the decapitation? Because the MSM --TV, radio and the STAR, all refuse to report it that way. And why would that be? Easy: greed.

They fully expect a new owner to come in and need to rebrand the name, and promote it during a slow revenue season for the media: summer. And they ALL want to air those commercials.

But reminding the public what the county allowed to happen there would be bad for the TV rep calling on the new owner for a media order.

Let's be clear. The County's Design Review Committee, five unqualified hicks, invented the hoop and net system. Made Schlitterbahn install it, in order to meet the deadline to be lead video on a sensationalized cable TV show.

Without the required hoops--no decapitation. Probably a death, but no decapitation. Wyandotte County was partly at fault.

The idiot Ks Attorney General blew the lawsuit that was lateralled to him by the Wyandotte County district attorney. Because NOBODY wanted to admit the county helped kill Caleb Schwab. It was not an "accident", it was a botched security system. Botched in design, never vetted by an engineer. Not tested except by drunk drugged Jeff Henry and his buddies. Botched by high school employees misloading the rafts with the lightweight child in the front, and two fat women in the back. Botched by velcro straps that didn't hold.

So hooray for Tony for keeping this story live while the UG scrambles to cover its financial ass over this tax-abated and even tax-supported killing field.