Tuesday, April 09, 2019


Not that it really matters but former Starbucks honcho Howard Schultz isn't qualified to be President Of The United States. Ask any old school Starbucks barista and they're likely to say that he wasn't qualified to be their boss either.

Nevertheless, a lot of money dictates the political discourse and over the past couple of weeks in flyover country we've had to endure the fantasies of a billionaire backed up by MSM support.

There are a great many implications of the mogul's ego-road-trip but here's the truly independent takeaway:

The Howard Schultz Kansas City town hall and his ensuing Midwestern adventures dominating the discourse regarding potential 2020 candidates is a very real indication that the Democratic Party still don't have a viable contender to challenge President Trump in a campaign that's already underway.

Check the links:

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Vox: Howard Schultz hasn’t gotten into policy specifics. Here are 4 ideas from women candidates who have.

Fox News: Howard Schultz's sole purpose is to get Trump re-elected: Juan Williams

Reason: Everybody Hates Howard Schultz

Newsweek: Howard Schultz Makes Strong Case As 2020 Presidential Independent Candidate

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

Howard for the win. Or at least the spoil. If he can cross the 3% threshold he can give the election away to President Trump. That's won't be hard to do.

Save KC said...

^^^ Then I'm buying a starbucks frap in his honor right now. My fat wife deserves a treat.

Anonymous said...

Trump/Putin/Pence win 2020.

Anonymous said...

I'm voting for him. Love his java!

Anonymous said...

Except this is real key here echo-chamber dwellers, everybody fucking hates him! There’s no way he gets even 1% of the vote! Maybe turn on something other then Faux News once in awhile and you would know this!

Everyone said...

^^^ Says you. But you suck.

Voice from the woods. said...

Hillary is making her comeback!

Save KC said...

Howard has more attention than half of the Democrats in the race. I'm pretty sure he would get more votes than most of them. The real question is: Who are they going to run?

Bernie loses.

Beto loses.

And Warren loses.

Where is the leadership?

THAT is the real story.

Anonymous said...

Predictions from the geezers that said Yoder wins by double digits.


Save the Plaza said...

A lot of TKC readers thought it was hilarious that Yoder lost. He deserved it.

Anonymous said...

Schultz isn't qualified? He grew Starbucks into the largest publicly traded coffee chain in the world making $3.7 billion along the way.

I'd take his business experience over the current racist-in-chief that bankrupt his casino 6 times, failed in dozens of business ventures from steaks to universities, and won't even keep his promise to release his tax returns.

Everyone says they hate extremes and want compromises that lead to solutions, but then no one will actually back an independent. The electorate can blame themselves for this mess.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Anonymous said...

Im just sick of this Richie Rich douche. Just wait a bunch of dumb poor people are going to vote for this idiot in the electoral and we're gonna end up with 4 more years of the dumbest president in modern history.