Tuesday, April 09, 2019

Kansas Public Defenders Are Quitters?!?

Legal drama for this low-paying and mostly unrewarding gig that mostly makes bad compromises for po'folk in trouble. Take a look:

One In Four Kansas Public Defenders Quit Last Year, Leaving Agency 'In Crisis'

Ruslan Ivanov loved being a public defender. What he didn't love was the way his work constantly followed him - at home, with friends and family, even on vacation. On one trip to Colorado, he stood in front of a breathtaking mountain view. And started thinking about a case.


Anonymous said...

There should be more PD's and they should be paid better.

Anonymous said...

Can you blame them for quitting?

Anonymous said...

Many of the public defenders are given the job of trying to get violent and 100% guilty people off the hook, to walk free. Usually when people are charged, its for a reason, and they have done something wrong. Who wants to defend a criminal who might mug your wife once he is released? (there are some innocent people too)