Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Kansas Domestic Drama Lease Break Clause Signed Into Law By Guv Kelly

Housing progress in Kansas offers another risk for landlords but will likely save lives as rents increase and costs often keep victims in dangerous situations. Read more:

New Kansas law helps domestic violence victims out of leases without crazy costs

Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly has signed a bill into law that will protect domestic violence victims who must unexpectedly break a lease.


Anonymous said...

Well this just opened up another nightmare cause to not only increase rents but make it harder for some to now get places. This stupid witch is just causing the next Governor to spend their whole term undoing all the stupid crap she put into place.

Anonymous said...

11:07am, Gov Kelly is doing all the correct things, otherwise you wouldn’t be calling her “stupid witch”. You better hurry along, you’re going to be late for your middle school English class.