Friday, April 12, 2019

Kansas City Weekly Power Rankings Along The Road To The General Election

A turbulent week in the local discourse inspires us to take a quick look at the winners as the silly season climax awaits Kansas City voters, residents and denizens.


The End For The Tivoli

The last days of a movie tradition in Westport remind us that the culture of cinema and creativity still inspire Kansas City but maybe in a different format.

KCFD Save Themselves

The candidate doesn't benefit so much from the election endorsement . . . It's the organization giving the nod that looks to bolster their standing and political position if they pick right.

Joggers Run Kansas City

Ward Parkway was FIRST on the list for pothole fixes in the midst of an upcoming weekend race intended to reminds us that hobbyists and those who live in EPIC houses dictate life on local streets more than anyone else.

And so . . .

This list has been compiled according to scientific TKC polling and market research data and it's a weekly comprehensive guide to local powerful people, trends and our times.


KC Cine said...

Sad to see the Tivoli go.

Anonymous said...

The week that wasn't. Wish there was more progress on potholes throughout the city but ward parkway isn't a bad start since it's a main thoroughfare. KC needs to think about infrastructure rather than development in the next election.

Anonymous said...

Truly a victory of hope over experience!
And the amateur behavior of the "power players" in KCMO is eclipsed easily by the outright failure of the candidates in this election.
The "silly season" isn't just about the run-up to the election.
It's about what then happens during the next four years, and sadly , it's just beginning.
An endless clown show of missed opportunities and upside-down priorities.
It never changes.

Censored Citizen said...

^^Well said.

Let's Be Honest said...

It's a Weekly comprehensive guide to Sly's Shit Hole of The Great Plains

Weekly Poop Rankings said...

Jolie Justus for Weak Mayor


Anonymous said...

KCMO is going to be a Gay and Lesbian Governed City and don't your rubes and deplorables forget it!

Trump's transgender military ban goes into effect today said...

Ding Ding Ding goes the trolley

Anonymous said...

Hey TKC posters, what’s it like to be boring and have no social lives whatsoever?

Greedo said...

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Up early just to read and contribute. You suck blog balls. How do they taste?!?!