Saturday, April 06, 2019


Credit where it's due, this newsie talk was actually a lot better than usual . . .



"Nick Haines, Cat Reid, Steven Dial, Dave Helling and Pete Mundo discuss Tuesday's primary election results and preview the June general election, latest issues being debated in the Kansas and Missouri legislative sessions, potential challengers in the 2020 Missouri gubernatorial race, the Missouri impeachment process, Kris Kobach being considered for immigration czar and new KC art installations."

Take a look:

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

It would be tough to be a part of the sinking KC Star staff.
With the implosion of the Democratic Party brought on by the fanatic Socialists...the re-election of most Republicans including Trump is assured.
With AOC’s coverage and every word being pontificated by the Star and most media- the public refuses to be hoodwinked and in fact her brand has caused her approval ratings to assure her a quick “one and done”. Dem freshman have assured the public of a “never again” and will bet socialist candidates much closer.
As a card carrying member of the mainstream public and a Centrist- thank you AOC insuring someone like you will never be elected again.
(... please keep the chicken little mantra of Global Warming/Cooling alive... you are a real comedian)

Anonymous said...

Hope AOC starts an investigation into Vince Foster’s death. Should do it herself and call Hillary for advice.
Reportedly- AOC has applied for Menzsa considerations and has a short list of people that might help her get in:
1. Felicity
2. St Louis prosecutor Kim
3. KC Water treatment people
4. Pot hole planners
5. People advocating for 1800’s-style-electric streetcars.

Hope she makes it...and can give a fake-accent speech to the hood-winked media while accepting

Anonymous said...

Recommend a large swig of anti diarrhea when watching.

Anonymous said...


Where, just like their colleagues over at Ruckus, panelists from KANSAS discuss the news of the week.

Nick Haines - host - lives in KANSAS
Dave Helling - KCStar - lives in KANSAS

...and we believe 1 other panelist is also a KANSAS resident.

Hypocritical Quote of the week:

(Regarding Missouri's petition process)
"The answer for Republicans, if they don't like it or think it's too easy, is to get rid of it. They want to have their cake and eat it too. They want a petition process so it looks like they're honoring the public, while making it impossible for them to actually do it." -- Dave Helling

The problem with The KC Star Editorial Board is that they want their cake and to eat it too. They wish to be a major player in KCMO local news, while scamming the public that they represent diverse viewpoints. But their staff are nearly all-white, politically liberal, Kansas residents, who pay lip service to the needs and concerns of KC urban residents. As a result, readers have just decided to get rid of The Star.

Anonymous said...

Then don't watch the show, Winkie!
Your blood pressure will thanks you for it.

Anonymous said...

Hypocrisy defines the op-Ed board.
They love AOC!
Yet she is racist and hates blacks and Hispanics.
Why else would she run Amazon off? Vast majority of those high paying jobs would benefit blacks and Hispanics.
Or she is financially illiterate.
When will the star investigate?
Maybe they are too busy investigating Frank Whites financials.
What good is a newspaper if they refuse to balance liberal staff opinions?

Anonymous said...

Channel 4 has been my "go to" TV station for years. Now, whenever Helling shows up, I immediately change channels.

Anonymous said...

Arguing about shades of pinko.

Anonymous said...

Who watches Channel 41 news?? That guy Dial is the whitest black man I have ever seen beside Qunton Lucas.