Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Kansas City Tuesday Morning News Look

Hottie Kim K gets us ready for our day with this glimpse at pop culture goodness . . .

Peeps: Kim Kardashian's Baffling Bathroom Sink Likely Cost $30,000: Experts Break Down the Price

Mirror UK: Thousands disturbed by 'gross' image of boobs - but some think it's 'beautiful'

Toronto Sun Classic: Staring at women's boobs helps men live longer: Study

Closer to home, these local news links offer a peek at Kansas City life right now . . .

Home Team Stays Losing

Royals experiencing early season slump

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- Not a lot of lines at the ticket window and plenty of windows to choose from. A Royals representative said the number they hope for, the low-end bar, is 18,000 tickets per game. Their average right now is about 3,000 short. Everybody through the turnstiles matters right now.

More Deets On Kansas City Urban Core Sacrifice For A Great Cause

Man tears down home to bring golf to KC's urban core

Chris Harris has been working to bring golf to the Kansas City's urban core. He razed his family home Monday to help make that dream come true.

Kansas City Weather Travel Report

Wind from severe weather derails train hours after it leaves Kansas City

MATFIELD GREEN, KS (KCTV) -- Winds from Monday morning's severe weather are to blame for a trail derailing in Matfield Green, KS. The Texas-bound train derailed at 3:40 a.m. Monday, hours after a BNSF spokesperson said it left Kansas City. There were 107 cars on the train; 41 of them derailed.

Golden Ghetto Icon Rehab

Landmark Highway Bear gets facelift after 50 years

Since the 1960s, the "Highway Bear" has sat along the northbound lane of U.S. Highway 69 in Johnson County, waving to cars as they passed. With the help of local companies, the bear's new owner was able to restore and repaint the popular landmark.

KC Middle-Class Celebrate Good Times

What's going on at the Brookside Whole Foods happy hour?

On the latest City Rag podcast: I chat with the Fish Boys, now known as the Fish Mongers, about the happy hour scene at the Fountain Room, the bar inside the Brookside Whole Foods. Lots going on at this place, and we sat down to chop it all up.

Local Booze Garage Debuts

Wind Shift Brewing Offers a New Spin on Making Beer in The Garage

Tony DiPlacito's hands and forearms are smudged black, the streaks stretching nearly to the cuffs of his auto technician's shirt. When he sees a visitor walk into the bays of the Jefferson Service Center in Blue Springs, Missouri, he half-waves and cracks a big smile from beneath a sedan that's on a lift a few feet above him.

Thunder Boomers Await KC

Strong storms could return to metro Tuesday afternoon

We'll see storms develop overnight and last through Tuesday morning. Strong to severe storms could develop after 3 p.m. Tuesday. Hail, damaging winds and an iso...

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Anonymous said...

Royals sucking = cheap crown club. Good way to watch some baseball, eat good food and get hammered.

Anonymous said...

Nice story about the bear. I also waved at him as a youngster.

Anonymous said...

Kardashian sink does have a basin, its just shallow. For us poor-folk, we can replicate the same effect with a shower-pan form with a polished concrete vanity. However, it's pretty useless in bath or kitchen application. Outdoor or lanai use sure.