Kansas City Trails: Fun Local Weekend Adventure OR Great Place To Get Killed?!?!

Upbeat guide to a destination wherein metro denizens can witness the beauty of nature, wildlife and possible a dead whore. Check the upbeat guide that doesn't include advice about quickly maneuvering around junkies in the midst of a murderous PCP-fueled rampage:

The Katy Trail's perfect weekend route for riders coming from Kansas City

Photography by Kim Horgan The Katy Trail is a big ride. Built on the bones of the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad, this dedicated bike trail is 240 miles long and nearly spans the state of Missouri. There are no bad places to ride the Katy Trail, but for Kansas Citians who don't have a full week to ride the entire route, the...


  1. Unfortunately I have to vote for great place to get killed. Momentum!

  2. ^^^^That’s because you’re a pants-shitting fat-ass who never leaves your house! You believe eveyyou read on the internet because you’re also dumb as fuck! It’s a beautiful Saturday morning! Get a fucking hobby you worthless goon!

    1. Theres that temper knew you were still out there. Are you back from your night job as a serial killer.

  3. Natives are restless.

  4. That is not a kansas city trail, it is a state trail with no segment in kc. Contrary to myth, most parks in kc are shit.

  5. Beer cans, little pieces of foil everywhere left by drug addicts, fetid water.


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