Friday, April 26, 2019

Kansas City Tired Of Creeper Tyreek Hill

In fairness, TKC admired the fact that he kept his cool when nasty Patriot fans flipped him off and threw beer on him last season . . . Turnout out his off the field restraint is ALLEGEDLY not so great.

More importantly . . .


And so we finish this frustrating Friday with a clearinghouse of all the better local links on the topic . . .

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Here's How To Waste $100-MILLION

Tyreek Hill: A timeline into the investigation, and looking to Hill's future

Kansas Citians had mixed reviews three years ago this week when the Kansas City Chiefs signed wide receiver Tyreek Hill. Hill had been kicked off the team at Oklahoma State following charges of domestic assault and battery involving his pregnant girlfriend, Crystal Espinal. Hill ultimately pleaded guilty to that charge.

Footballer Tragedy Redux

Mother of woman killed by Jovan Belcher reacts to recent headlines

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- We've talked a lot recently about domestic violence involving Tyreek Hill, Frank Clark, and Kareem Hunt. However, there's another such case with a Kansas City Chief that many will never forget. In 2012, linebacker Jovan Belcher killed his girlfriend at their home and then drove to the Chiefs Training Complex and took his own life.

Tough Talk Tell-Tale Sign Of Trouble

Victim advocate reacts to purported Hill recording

An audio recording said to be of Chiefs player Tyreek Hill and his fiancée Crystal Espinal is raising red flags for domestic violence victim advocates. "The most common form of domestic violence is verbal and emotional," said Scott Mason, of the Rose Brooks Center.The center helps thousands of domestic violence victims every year.In his opinion, that was clearly a factor in the recorded conversation said to be between Hill and Espinal.

Hope For The Future

Chiefs fans react to Tyreek Hill news, drafting of speedy new wide receiver

KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- On a night when the Chiefs were supposed to be adding the missing pieces of the Super Bowl puzzle, fans were left wondering if one of their stars will or should be on the field next season.

Former Lawman Offers Insight

Former JoCo DA Paul Morrison talks Tyreek Hill investigation

OLATHE, Kan. - Attorney and former Johnson County district attorney Paul Morrison weighed in Friday on the audio that has surfaced in which Tyreek Hill's fiancé accuses the Chiefs wide-reciever of abusing their 3-year-old son. "People are lamenting, 'Why can't somebody charge somebody with this? Why hasn't he been charged yet?'' Morrison said.

Kansas City Cold Shoulder
KC kids football camp cuts ties with Tyreek Hill
Low-Key Front Office Talking Points

Chiefs stick to statement on Tyreek Hill

Friday was the first time the Chiefs have made general manager Brett Veach or head coach Andy Reid available to take questions since audio recordings between Tyreek hill and his fiancé surfaced.

Good Cause Amid Bad News

Rose Brooks Center receives donations following Tyreek Hill news

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- Domestic violence may be the topic today, but for many people in the Kansas City area, reducing it is a mission they have every day. Scott Mason was answering emails this afternoon. Through his work at the Rose Brooks Center, he knows how important it is to talk about domestic violence issues.

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You heard it here first said...

He'll be cut within two weeks.

Gobi said...

^^^ If only.

More cash for the trade cap would be nice along with a breath of fresh air from all of the bad PR.

Anonymous said...

bLIEron will be calling the chiefs racist if they cut his violent baby and baby momma abusing ass, he thinks he should be given a 39th chance to prove he’s sorry. bLIEron blames whitey for this, in a way he’s right, if only those white Europeans hadn’t bought those black slaves that were sold by black slave owners none of this would have happened.

Anonymous said...

Sell the franchise to another city and let the fans follow them. It would be a nice cleansing of KC.

Anonymous said...

Number one running back gone, number one receiver going going gone...... number one quarterback packing his bags soon for Cali? You betcha!

Anonymous said...

^^^^^ Truth.

Glen Deck said...

Lots of other WRs in the draft. We got a good one last night. No need to put up with this prima donna.

Anonymous said...

NFL Has become the violence in America. Support this BS and you support learned behavior of violence, mental illness, drugs, alcoholism, anti family.

NFL is for losers and scummy people.

Anonymous said...

chiefs will never learn they get rid of 1 abuser and add another one in clark when will kc learn

Anonymous said...

^^^^ +1 Absolutely correct.

Anonymous said...

"Kansas City Tired Of Creeper Tyreek Hill"

I certainly am. Must not be much going on in River City if this is all the media can find to report on.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn’t the media spend this much time on black on black and especially racist black on white murder?

Byron Funkhouser said...

6:48 Sorry Petersucker, I don't blame whitey. I blame Hill & the NFL.

You're just pissed I call you out every time you call Ms. Baker Petersucker.

Anonymous said...

Who cares they're just becoming a team of liars, child abusers, women beaters and homophobes. Lamar must be spinning in his grave

Anonymous said...

Fuck Due Process, I suppose...

DA concludes his investigation and 24 hours later some tape is leaked to the media.

The motives behind this aren't suspect at all, not a bit. Right [/sarcasm]

Think about it. DA Howe may have gotten anonymous tips after that tape reveal! said...

That recorded convo by Espinal, and later statements provided to PD, perhaps, after the reveal of the tape turned over by tv5, BECOMES additional evidence. Millions of cases across this nation over recent decades have been REOPENED. This may, NO, this WILL save that little boy's and his twin siblings' lives! Seems it may save babymama's, IF she does right and RUNS from this ghetto garbage lifestyle.

Who uses the terms "bro" and "nigguh" to address the mother of their children? And, a threat to her that she SHOULD BE TERRIFIED OF HIM is the GHETTO lowest. Tyreek modeling brutality and hate to his 3 yr old IS rotten and racist. The tape tells it on him. Hill said negative stereotyped remarks about WHITES. He asserts that hard hits and belt whippings make his little child TERRIFIED of him. Wrongly, Tyreek claims that's teaching a tiny tot RESPECT.

Anonymous said...

Only petersucker around here is you Byron and your trolling posts.