Kansas City TIF Question Persists

Highlights from the constant cowtown struggle to turn a "ghetto to be turned into a gold mine" or vice versa . . . Read more:

Kansas City Tax Abatements: Valuable Tool or Welfare for the Rich?


  1. Well, based on what we are told the Primary voting results were, the next Mayor is nothing more than a "House Nigger" for the Kansas Real Estate Developers, no matter who wins, so it doesn't matter what the taxpayers of Kansas City want or need.

  2. Jolie Justus making it to the general election was probably the worst thing that could happen. She's basically S'lie 2.0. Which means more heavy incentives for developers and the rich, no focus on crime, no focus on infrastructure aside from raising taxes thru the roof to fund stuff, regressive taxing structure that penalizes and hurts the working class, and no solution for poor education aside from raising taxes and throwing more money at it.

    Quinton Lucas talks a big game in terms of capping subsidies for developers. But he doesn't give the impression that he's going to walk the walk and will likely fold like a cheap suit the first time a developer comes calling for incentives and offering him a $50k kickback to his personal bank account to make it happen.

    Basically, what we're going to have is more of the same bullshit that has been burying this town for years no matter which of these yahoos gets elected.

    Oh well...


  3. You people thought Clay would win..hahahahahhaa!!!! 1% of the vote!!!!!!! LOL!!! Where do I get my Clay Chastain yard sign??????

  4. Clay was a joke of a candidate. He would have probably actually doomed the city faster the Jolie Justus will with his hair-brained light-rail obsession that is literally, impossible to do fiscally.

    The only thing that even made Clay even remotely interesting is the fact that he was least pointing a finger at all the corruption in Shitty Hall and calling it for what it is.

    But realistically, there are bums on the street more qualified and less dangerous to the city than Clay is.

  5. There is only two large shopping centers of note in the Northland that aren’t TIF supported. With yassaah boss Nolte on the tif Commission, duh, what’s a chapter 100?, we need at least the Q man to shake it up.


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