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"Kansas City voters will be asked June 18 to select a new mayor — and whether to approve a citizens initiative that would cap tax abatements from the city’s major agencies and programs at 50 percent, with no exceptions. The City Council passed a 75 percent cap in 2016 that does make exceptions for projects in long-distressed areas and certain “high impact” projects . . . The very reason there’s an incentives cap on the ballot is that a sizable group of Kansas Citians don’t trust the city to exercise self-control. The City Council fed this narrative when it tried to monkey with the date of a vote."

For subscribers, it's a great analysis, here's the summary for plebs who can't afford it . . .

Opinion: Incentives question comes down to public trust - Kansas City Business Journal

If you want to guarantee that Kansas City voters approve a measure to lower the cap on tax incentives for development, there's a road map on file. An ordinance proposed by Councilwoman Teresa Loar, which she later pulled from a committee agenda, could be described as providing a more nuanced option for voters on the topic of incentives.


  1. Slinmebag Development LLC4/12/19, 11:13 AM

    I need a new Yacht so vote no on this.

  2. I just don't understand how anything came into being before incentives. Must have just been regular old free enterprise.

  3. All tax abatements should cease to take place till the city is back on it feet and all infrastructure fixed and repaired.

  4. Hells to the YES, y'all!4/12/19, 12:34 PM

    Both 12:12s... Excellent points!

  5. Trust is the biggest component and no one believes Sly James will look out for anyone but rich developers over the citizens of KC.

  6. For most people, there is NO trust of City hall!

  7. Hey, something we all agree on!


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