Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Kansas City Royals Reveal Smartphone Menu

Call this an after lunch news . . . A glimpse at all the goodness that awaits for VERY LAZY FANBOYS wanting to sample even more of the goodness shared at The K in the midst of an 8 game losing streak to start the season:


Oswald said...

DAMMIT!!! The picture of that Kaufmann food gave me an upset stomach. I almost lost my lunch.

Anonymous said...

^^WOW!!! Thanks for sharing!!! Not.

Anonymous said...

^^^ OUCH!

yeah, that's pretty brutal.

They actually served that during the world series. I guess they were slammed and this season there won't be much of a rush given the losing streak.

Anonymous said...

Looks like some sort of fungus shit on that sphincter slammer!