Friday, April 19, 2019

Kansas City Royals Fight Aftermath

Local news doesn't like reporting the more sordid deets of one of their biggest advertisers so here's a glimpse at this weeks' brawl that seems to have inspired the team during an early season slump . . .

"Kansas City Royals pitcher Brad Keller was suspended for hitting Anderson, while Anderson and Renteria were suspended for their conduct in the moments that followed, according to Major League Baseball."

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MLB hands out suspensions after White Sox-Royals fight

Kansas City Royals pitcher Brad Keller was handed a five-game suspension Friday for intentionally throwing at Chicago White Sox shortstop Tim Anderson - an act that sparked a benches-clearing fracas at Guaranteed Rate Field earlier this week.


Anonymous said...

Losers fighting losers, how much more un-entertaining can you get?

Anonymous said...

Sox might win the division again. But that's all.