Thursday, April 11, 2019

Kansas City Real Talk Ruckus Tonight

An EXCEPTIONAL show tonight with just a bit of honestly feisty commentary and a few sparks flying later in the program. Check the local conversation from this GOLD STANDARD of political discourse:

"Mike Shanin talks to Marc Hill, President of the Civic Council of Greater Kansas City, about the organization's history and priorities. Danedri Herbert, Mary O'Halloran, Terry Riley and Patrick Tuohey discuss the $90 million Kansas school finance bill and predict if the Supreme Court will consider it adequate, the Jolie Justus and Quinton Lucas mayoral race and the recent Joe Biden controversy."

Take a look:

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

Best panelists on the show. I may not agree with Mary but I like that she's not afraid to speak her mind. Patrick is great for perspective and Terry knows just about everybody in local politics. Danni did an excellent job as well calling B.S. on this KC election as "boring". She nailed it.

Anonymous said...

Good definition of "woke" from the panel. None of them really are.

Anonymous said...

Why does this show keep putting Mary O'Halloran on the panel? She slows the discussion to a snails pace, and never answers the question asked. Get rid of her!

Anonymous said...

Good show for those in the IQ 40 to 80 demographic.

Anonymous said...

Who are the two geezers?

The New Killer Shitty said...

Marc Hill hahaha

Anonymous said...

With all these "heavy hitting big time" players, how is it that KCMO keeps getting the same D-list celebrity bozo electeds year after year?
Where is all these people's clout?
"Expert" opinion over nickel-dime incompetent crap so poor that the vast majority of KCMO residents have just flat out given up.
They don't even vote.
It never changes.

Anonymous said...

We'll be right back to Ruckus after a word from our sponsor.


Anonymous said...

KCMO's version of Saturday Night Live


Apathy...yeah... that's it! said...

People aren't bothering to vote, since the perception is the game's rigged. They see some candidates are pimped by big money from special interests. Too often, those interests aren't trusted as being aligned with any of, or enough of constituents' best interests. Promises are plenty at campaigns, then delivery of those pledges by the electeds is often a 'bait and switch', in part, or full.

Some perceive the ballots are actually fraudulently tabulated. So, voters quit participating out of distaste. The message growing numbers of former voters say they choose to send, is they're unwilling to waste efforts to vote, and that they refuse to participate in the fraud.

Anonymous said...

This is what progressives do. The Democrats are violent and unhinged. Filthy.

Anonymous said...


Civic Council works like this:
1) Burns and McDonnell donates thousands of dollars to an incumbent Mayor running for re-election without serious opposition.
2) The company has been sitting on acquired land at 95th and Wornall for years, purposely allowing the former synagogue to fall apart, so they can claim blight status.
3) Aforementioned Mayor arranges for the City to finance the wealthy company's headquarters building expansion. Millions upon millions of dollars in tax breaks, incentives, earnings tax exemptions are awarded to the company.
4) Re-elected Mayor appoints new Councilmember, and friend of Burns and McDonnell, Jolie Justus to Chair the Airport Committee. What's coming has been planned out in-advance between the parties.
5) At the behest of Mayor Sylvester, City Manager Schulte is given a contract extension with very generous increases in compensation, completely out-of-line with most city employees experience.
5) Burns and McDonnell, the Mayor, Justus, and City Manager Schulte collude in private meetings to create a multi-year jobs program ensuring continued growth for the company during upcoming recession.
6) Mayor Sylvester, CEO Ray Kowalik, Justus, and Schulte hold a surprise press conference at KCI announcing that Burns and McDonnell have been awarded a no-bid billion-plus dollar contract to design/construct a new single-terminal. Most on the City Council are caught by surprise, as they had no inkling this was being discussed. The failing local daily newspaper completely missed the corrupt proceedings, retroactively claimed they broke the story, and then fell into lock-step with the criminals propaganda.
7) Burns and McDonnell uses a small fraction of their corporate welfare to create goodwill in the community via charitable works.
8) The criminal scheme was only exposed by citizen journalists/watchdogs.

Because most voters have tuned out to KCMO's constant state of corruption, the city now has two ineffectual seriously flawed mayoral candidates, one of whom will perpetuate the crimes of Sylvester.