Kansas City Racial Artsy Debut

Exceptional verbiage and snobby upscale art world analysis of this local art exhibit financed partially but grants, taxpayers but most likely financed by parents -- Like most millennials (and more boomers than we realize) . Still a great glimpse at the local cultural scene. Checkit:

Beyond the Whiteness of Spaces: Finding Phenomenology, Race, and Queerness in Bricolaje

"The alignment of race and space is crucial to how they materialize as givens, as if each "extends" the other. In other words, while "the other side of the world" is associate with "racial otherness," racial others become associated with the "other side of the world." They come to embody distance.


  1. As a practicing artist, a former NEA intern and the founding president of the Kansas City Artists Coalition, I must say--
    Huh? Two minutes of my life I will ever get back. Won't be going to this inscrutable show.

    This felt like it was written by jiggling an exotic version of a Magic 8 ball of words and phrases that make no sense.



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