Honestly curious about what our blog community thinks on this topic . . .

As far as TKC is concerned, I understand that political tactic but it also seems scared, weak and hostile. In a word, the comment is UNAMERICAN because it's based in fear.

Don't get it twisted. TKC isn't for open borders. Very few people actually advocate for limitless immigration and true libertarians realize that markets efficiently dictate the supply of workers better than any politico or economist could ever hope. The main criticism from this blog is that his wording is wrong and the tone seems panicky and not transformative or unique at all.

The Prez has garnered popularity by breaking the mold whereas the "America is full" sentiment seems childish and really close to a quote from Bart Simpson.

Nevertheless, nobody ever lost and election by overestimating the anger of American voters.

Check the links:

Bloomberg: Trump Says U.S. Is ‘Full’ and Can’t Accommodate More Migrants

Chicago Tribune: 'Our country is full': Trump says migrants straining system after border visit

AP: ‘Our country is full’: Trump says migrants straining system

But we throw it back to our blog community because the this is a better sampling of real Midwestern thought than any other news oulet in the metro . . .


You decide . . .


  1. He has got a point and he's speaking a language that most Americans understand.

    You can argue with that, but you would lose.

  2. 125,000 detained illegals have been released into America since DECEMBER. Those are just the ones who have been caught.

    People...stop listening and reading to down-players of this crisis. Listen to the border patrol. They get interviewed all the time. This is like someone talking about the details Iraq war who never went. There is a crisis.

    What the fuck are millions of these non English speaking people going to do? No immunization records, no criminal background checks, and no skills. How the hell is this going to make the country better? Democrats love it because they get their power by handouts and gibs me dats.

  3. Yes we are full, full of shit from other countries.

  4. Byron Funkhouser4/6/19, 12:08 PM

    NO, we are not full.

    We only have 300 million people in one of the largest countries in the world.

    Der Fuhrer's Alzheimer is progressing.

  5. Hate to agree with byron but he's right. The president is just using scare tactics.

  6. Don't worry Byron you'll still get your welfare check without an additional half million illegal aliens coming into the country.

  7. Just more people slopping from the public trough. The taxpayers cost of having the illegal aliens present is outrageous. Instead of releasing them into this country they need to be sent back to the country of their origin.

    Better yet, Byron can turn a blind eye to them and support them.

  8. Forget the ramblings of Trump; everyone is missing the point here. The Democrats don’t care about the welfare of illegals any more than the Republicans do. What they care about, is reapportionment via the 2020 census.

    The Dems want illegals to take up residence in order to try and flip just enough electoral votes to give them a long-term majority. That’s why they’re so gung ho on allowing what are, at present, little more than open borders.

    How does this work? Easy.

    According to the 14th Amendment, representatives in the House “shall be apportioned among the several States according to their respective numbers.” “Numbers” is defined as total population in the states, not just citizens.

    Similarly, after the 2020 census is completed, House seats will be reapportioned based on the population of each state. Electoral College votes are reapportioned based on the number of each state’s congressional representatives.

    For the past 110 years or so, the number of representatives in the House has been fixed, by law, at 435. An influx of illegals can alter representation. After the 2010 Census, Missouri, Louisiana, and Ohio each lost a seat in the House and a vote in the electoral college. On the flip side of the coin, California gained two House seats and two electoral votes. Florida and Texas both gained one seat and one vote. This was largely due to upping the population count with illegals.

    The Dems want a huge influx of warm bodies from south of the border in order to gain more seats and more electoral punch. Flip Texas and Florida, and they flip the presidential elections for generations.

    That’s what the immigration fight is about . . . politics and party control.

  9. ^^^ true dat

  10. Full?

    There are counties in this country that have more cows than people.

    India and China both have over 1 billion more people than the US. 1.39 billion might be full. 0.33 billion is not.

    Mike Lee said we need more babies to combat global warming. He doesn't think we're full.

    Once again, Trump opens his mouth to prove he's an idiot.

  11. We need to assimilate the legals first before taking in any illegals.

  12. Every governor in America disagrees.

    Every governor begs people to move into their growing state.

    Hell, many of them actually offer tax incentives to bribe people to relocate to their fiefdoms.

    I'm looking at you Brownback. 5 years of no state income taxes and pay off student loans? He couldn't pay people enough to live in parts of this shithole.

  13. CAUTION: Kobach and other corruption catchers will kick ass for 2020!!! See the self-destructing Dems' districts, COMING SOON!!!4/6/19, 3:37 PM

    Well, Democrims can try to play common core math with the census to bigger-rig with the electoral college. The addresses showing 2 dozen adults supposedly stacked in a 900 SF shack and other shifty shit AIN'T gonna get it. When data reports aren't matching identities to wage earnings, business incomes, school enrollments, criminal records, bank accounts, and WELFARE recipients----UNDOCUMENTEDS NOT PAYING TAXES ARE STRAINING UNCLE SAM'S LARGESSE VIA THOSE LOOMING LOANS----known as National Debt. UNCLE SAM is all the LEGALS and contributors----NOT THE CROOKS & LIARS FLYING UNDER THE RADAR WHILE THEY ARE SCAMMY ON THE BACKS OF GREAT AMERICANS.

  14. Way too many Mexicans, Muslims, Africans and Asians, except for hot, slutty 18 year old Asian chicks.

  15. Some are too stupid to know when they are being invaded.

  16. Byron turns a blind eye to everything!


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