Saturday, April 13, 2019

Kansas City Nice News Link Pool

For this quick Saturday afternoon collection of news items on the brighter side, we offer a perspective on local topics along with a glimpse of advertising hotness, bottled water and the bikini discourse.

Kansas City Mentor Movement
KCPS, KC Ballet helping students take new steps to find success
Lesson In Success

Kansas City elementary teacher named Read to Achieve winner

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- A Kansas City elementary teacher is the recent winner of KCTV5's Read to Achieve program. Kathleen Beard is a teacher at Millennium at Santa Fe Elementary School located at 8908 Old Santa Fe Rd. Beard received a $1,000 check from Missouri's chapter of the National Education Association.

Kansas City Fashion Training
KC teen's wig-making skills catch attention of Cardi B
Kansas City Machines Rising To Start Search For Sarah Connor

KC Goodwill's Power of Work Awards look into the future of robotics

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The Goodwill of Western Missouri & Eastern Kansas celebrated their Power of Work Awards on Thursday. The event celebrated 125 years of the organization and empowering job seekers with different abilities. They highlighted the success of their clients who overcame barriers and work to build Kansas City's workforce.

Kansas City News Patron Profile

Inside KCUR: Get To Know KCUR Supporters Joel Barrett And David Seymour

Married for more than a decade, Joel Barrett and David Seymour moved to Kansas City from South Bend, Indiana, in 2016. In that short time, they've become loyal KCUR supporters. How did you first become interested in public radio? J: My sister is 12 years older than me, and when she was in college she would listen to NPR.

Raytown Lady Is The GOAT

Raytown woman's passion for goats helping change lives around the world

Sharon Baker is a Sunday school teacher in Raytown. Her class was challenged to raise money to help the poor in other countries. So they did -- they bought a goat, which has led to many more goats."I'm Sharon Baker, the crazy goat lady.

Heroic Kansas City Doggies

'Dogs on Call' volunteer time to comfort hospice patients

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Four-legged volunteers are giving patients at Saint Luke's Hospice House a special kind of care this National Volunteer Week. Through a program called "Dogs On Call," in operation since 2015, dogs provide a unique kind of therapy.

Outrage Over New Advert Game???

Gillette image of plus-size model in bikini sparks outrage

Gillette is under fire for tweeting a photo of a plus-size blogger to promote its razors. Critics accuse the company of glamorizing an unhealthy condition for profit. The razor maker says it is committed to representing women of all shapes and sizes.

Watered Down?!?!

FDA proposes new fluoride standard for bottled water, but some say it's still too high

The FDA is proposing a lower concentration level standard for fluoride in bottled water, yet some scientists and environmental groups believe the proposed limit is still too high and poses a danger to human health.

Newsworthy Internets Promo Hotness

138 Water Watch: An Adequately-Hydrated Claudia Fijal Strips Down By The Beach - Egotastic - Sexy Celebrity Gossip and Entertainment News

Model Claudia Fijal was the pinnacle of hydration as she cozied up to her bottle of 138 Water in Malibu. It's fitting that the shoot took place in Malibu, because - from her blonde hair to her amazing curves to her tiny pink bikini - she's Malibu Barbie incarnate.

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3100 Migrants Found With Fake Documents said...

And a new liquor store opening in Midtown later this year.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Wow that's vibrant!

Donald Pissed My Bed said...

^^^^ It's also fake news, honey!

'Hostile' Migrants Break Border Gate, Forcibly Enter Mexico said...

I think it's actually going to have a "drive through" window. Ya want fries wit dat shit?

Anonymous said...

^^^ Robust man! Inclusive!

Anonymous said...

The lefties sure went into NIMBY mode real fast when they realized these Third World illiterate and itinerant people could be “lovingly” placed in their communities.

Anonymous said...


After the model had a lunch of bad seafood, the photograher's assistant had to duck and cover!!!