Kansas City New Airport MBE/WBE Contact Nightmare Crash & Burn Coming Soon!!!

In much the same way that THE COMMUNITY BENEFIT AGREEMENT WAS BROKEN DESPITE CAMPAIGN PROMISES the new airport is now asking minority contractors to jump through more hoops. On the bright side for right-wing denizens angry about this kind alleged preferential treatment, the these high-profile construction project NEVER make many local millionaires and they often create nothing but hard feelings . . . Here's the happy news as the impending disaster awaits. Read more:


  1. Don't worry the caravans are in Mexico and headed this way so there should be plenty of highly skilled construction labor.

  2. It's past time to get rid of MBE and WBE mandates. If they have not learned after all these years how to compete for business, they never will.

  3. Hiring skilled labor and politicians based on sexual preferences and color of skin is going to lead to disaster. White men invented everything and still do it better. Sorry the truth hurts Democrats feelings, but hey we are talking about people's lives here.

  4. Nightmares?????

    Ha, we ain't begun to see the nightmares yet.


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