Friday, April 12, 2019

Kansas City Morning News Work

From across the metro but focused on KC proper, here's a glimpse of MSM news links that matter right now. Take a look:

More Deets: Another Lesson On Deserved Cash Bump For Keeping KCPS Afloat

BOE grants 40K raise for Kansas City school superintendent

Breaking News Kansas City public schools superintendent Dr. Mark Bedell has signed a three-year extension to his contract that includes a raise of $40,000 per year. Bedell described himself as "extremely excited" about the opportunity to stay with the district for another three years and finally regain full accreditation.

Cowtown Dumper Pix

Authorities asking for help to identify suspects in four cases of illegal dumping

Kansas City authorities are asking for help to identify individuals believed to be involved in four separate cases of illegal dumping in one area neighborhood. Investigators said all four incidents happened in the area of 29th Street and Poplar Avenue -- just off I-70.

Golden Ghetto Accusation From This Low-Rent Source That It KILLS ME To Reference

Highlands area shooting suspect Dylan Ruffin makes first in-person court appearance

Dylan Ruffin, the Fairway man charged with multiple crimes related to the shooting incidents near Highlands Elementary in March, made his first in-person court appearance Wednesday morning at the Johnson County Courthouse. Ruffin appeared in front of Judge Sara Welch in Division 19 as part of his scheduling conference.

Urban Core Infrastructure SHAME

Manhole left uncovered for days at busy KC intersection in Old Northeast

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- It's been a puzzling and potentially dangerous safety hazard for days at a busy intersection in the Old Northeast area in Kansas City. "Yeah, they should at least fix it," neighbor Anthony Cordon said. He's scratching his head.

Kansas City To Iowa Cutoff

IDOT says Interstate 29 will not fully reopen until June

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- People headed from the metro to Iowa may have to find an alternative route to if they had previously planned on using Interstate 29. According to the Iowa Department of Transportation I-29 will not fully reopen until June. The area impacted includes US Highway 34 south to the Missouri border.

Best Write-Up On Local Legend
Former Chiefs tight end and Kansas City Ambassador Walter White has died
Winter Coming To Kansas City Again

FORECAST: Kansas City to get another taste of winter before warmer weather returns

Kansas City will get another taste of winter this weekend before warmer weather returns early next week.

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