Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Kansas City Miley Midweek Morning News

We start the morning with Miley hotness and move forward with just a bit of MSM celeb news:

Jezebel: Hannah Montana Wasn't Fooling Anyone

IBT: Miley Cyrus Covers Bare Chest With Dollar Bills, Tags Dad In Post

SMH: How celebrity fashion culture is killing the family holiday

Closer to home, here are the local news links we're checking right now . . .

Kansas City Condo Life Update

Smoke clears in fire safety dispute at KCMO condo

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- The people who bought condos at Park Reserve, behind the Federal Reserve, have long been frustrated by the slow pace of improvements. The southernmost portion of what was to be a multi-address complex has broken windows and piles of concrete out front.

Show-Me Unfair Weed Biz?!?!

Missouri medical marijuana licenses: No affirmative action | The Kansas City Star

Local aquaponics founder Dre Taylor wants equity for minorities when it comes to the industry of legal marijuana Missouri's health department does not plan to give minority-owned businesses a boost when deciding who gets licenses to grow and sell medical marijuana - a measure some black Kansas City residents believe would help ensure equal opportunity.

Kansas Double Take

Seg. 1: Kansas DNA Legislation | Seg. 2: Kansas City's Recycling

Segment 1: A Kansas bill aims to make the state the nation's first to check new-case DNA evidence with connection to closed cases. Currently, biological evidence from current crimes is not investigated when it produces a hit in the DNA database on a case that already has a conviction.

Pre-K After Voting FAIL
KCPS redistributing location of pre-K seats, number available remain unchanged
Kansas City Artsy Calendar

April art preview: Where to go, what to see

Interactive, playful, and immersive exhibitions abound in April. Themes of time, memory, and identity are springing up in many places. And if you're looking for opportunities to see a lot of artists in one place, we've got that too. Here's our top recommendations for the new exhibitions and events you should see this month.

More Tivoli Tribute
Why Tivoli Cinemas Was A Filmmakers' Movie House
Kansas City Royals Record Smashed Amid Longer Marathon Baseball Season

Whit Merrifield extends hit streak to 30 games, matches George Brett for Royals' all-time record

Merrifield's streak spans two seasons, while Brett achieved his mark in only one

Khalid - Free Spirit is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Professor Heave Crackske said...

We aim to entertain

Anonymous said...

"No affirmative action" LOL Call it what it is: racial preferences. Or maybe: Gimme free stuff. Sounds like this licensing process is as level a playing field as a playing field can be made. Get in there and compete, and stop whining.

Anonymous said...


Hannah Montana is now working at a whorehouse in Beaverhead, servicing diverse clients from Bozeman, Plentywood, Harlem, and Butte!!!

Anonymous said...

^^You're getting worse everyday now.

Hyperblogal said...

Congrats to Merrifield...but the streak is over two seasons. Why is that even a stat?

Anonymous said...

The Tivoli was the "Filmmaker's Movie House" because so any local productions screened there, and the only audience for those screenings were the people involved in the production and their families.

Anonymous said...

@10:32Am it's not Merifield's fault the season ended. Makes no difference or not if it splits the season. Grow up.