Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Kansas City Midweek Morning Roundup

Quick round-up of our part of the world from the deepest corners of JoCo, through the vast canyons of downtown with a nod to global impact on this cowtown. Checkit:

Global Climate Crisis In River City???

Kansas City air pollution getting worse, new report finds

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- Kansas City's air quality is getting worse. The American Lung Association just released its 2019 report. The group says Kansas City has a "D" grade for ozone pollution. This is worse than last year's report.

Local Cons Safer In Prison???

'It's hard to swallow': Man killed in Kansas City was released from jail days earlier

Kansas City Officer Darin Snapp said a male victim was found with gunshot wounds on Olive Street about 8:30 p.m. Friday, April 19, 2019 after gunfire was heard in the area. The victim was taken to a hospital where he died. Andrea Lewis did not worry about her son when he was in jail.

Can Prez Trump Save Local Junkies???

Trumps address opioid crisis at summit while Kansas City battles epidemic

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV/AP) -- President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump will discuss the opioid crisis at an Atlanta summit. The White House announced the April 24 appearance at the Rx Drug Abuse and Heroin Summit on Twitter saying the Trumps will speak "about their fight to end the opioid crisTuesdayis in America."

Doggie Discarded In Jackson County

Saint Bernard found trapped in ravine in rural Jackson County with broken bones

JACKSON COUNTY, Mo. -- A Saint Bernard found injured in a ravine in rural Jackson County has a long recovery ahead. Sheriff's deputies found the 3-year-old dog Monday after a good Samaritan realized he was trapped. He was taken to Great Plains SPCA where they gave him the name Horton.

Golden Ghetto Crisis Of Conscience

Kansas City Royals Tragically Abandon Fight To Get Out Of Last Place

Keller drops appeal, begins serving suspension

ST. PETERSBURG -- Royals right-hander Brad Keller has dropped the appeal of his five-game suspension from Major League Baseball and he began serving the suspension on Tuesday. Keller will be eligible to be reinstated on Monday, and manager Ned Yost said he expects Keller to make his next start then.

Kansas City Soggy Springtime Persists

Cloudy for most of Wednesday, warmer Thursday with storms possible

We're in the middle of a very active weather pattern.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

Quick roundup of killer city. someone's got to do it.

Anonymous said...

All the newz.. donuts please, then frozen custurd

Anonymous said...

^^ It's cusTurd ya stupid geezer

Anonymous said...

Any follow up news on that poor sap who got hit by the semi?

Anonymous said...

It was his last semi.


Anonymous said...

No @9:00. No more news. Why don't you call some members of his family you fucking ghoul!

Anonymous said...

So like, what is the latest on Quinton Obama. Is he ahead of the Lez yet?

Anonymous said...

These are the parts I always love

"Jennings, a father of four children ages 4 to 7, was getting his life together, Humphrey said. He had “a lot of heart and a lot of promise.”

"Family members said that, while Jennings had his problems, he had hopes and dreams and was loved by his relatives"

They forgot the part about "turning his life around.

Anonymous said...

9:00 AM

Viewing: Friday, April 26, 6-8pm McGilley & Frye 105 E Loula St Olathe, KS 66061 Funeral: Saturday, April 27, 2pm Church of the Resurrection (West) 24000 W Valley Pkwy Olathe, KS 66061

Anonymous said...

^^^ Closed casket is not a viewing.

HERnandez' Smoke and Mirrors department said...


The new KCMO budget cuts street sweeping program. City says it’s because stormwater fund running at a deficit. Catch basins will still be cleaned, but no funding identified for other services, like regularly sweeping bike lanes.


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Where wurking on the storyz. Wuz late to the studio today because of a pile of leaves in street and my bicycle got stuck in them.

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If this is the future of KC weather things are not looking very bright.