Thursday, April 04, 2019

Kansas City Metro Police Join #MetToo?!?!

Given that dealing with Kansas City's rape kit backlog is going to take 5 years . . . Police are touting efforts to "start by believing" and improve their responses given rising backlash. Checkit:

Law enforcement joins initiative for assault survivors

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - More than 700 people reported sexual assaults to hospitals in the Kansas City area last year. On Wednesday, local law enforcement took a stand to make sure every one of those reports are taken seriously.


Anonymous said...

There was a homosexual downtown that reported a sexual encounter on Main but he thought it was Grand.

Anonymous said...

^^^Dull. Insipid & boring.

Josh said...

The cops support anything that will let them clock in more O.T at the taxpayers expense while having to do less actual police work.

Of course, the support for this initiative will shift quickly when a lot of police names make the list.