Kansas City #MeToo Database Coming Soon?

Double take on this one and better reporting from KCTV5 as a very brave woman makes her case to keep track of domestic abuse situation. Checkit:

Kansas City survivor calls for a domestic violence database

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- A local family is joining the chorus of voices across the nation saying it's time for a domestic violence database where people can look up repeat offenders. Right now, that does not exist. There are databases for sexual offenders and a registry for people who abuse animals.


  1. But that wouldn't be fair. All the DV guys would get all the pussy. Women like the dangerous types.

  2. Can we have a database of emotionally manipulative women as well?

  3. Buy a gun and shoot them, end of story.

  4. All the local hillbillies beating their women like a lonely teenaged boy who just discovered his weenie beats his meat are trembling in fear. Old Irene will be adding you and your buddies to the database.

  5. Take a bat to the trash that does this to a woman. I volunteer to take the first swing.

  6. 11:37's idol, Tyreek, will have his repeat offender entries.

  7. Byron Funkhouser4/3/19, 12:17 AM

    These pictures are disturbing.

    Put these pictures on billboards all over the country. Start publicly shaming the men who do this to women.


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