Sunday, April 28, 2019

Kansas City Mayor Sly James: We're All In This Together

In a recent welcome speech for a recent event the Mayor of Kansas City talks about racial inclusion and his celebration of diversity.

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

No sLIE, you are not, you only do things you want, breaking laws and over riding votes, raising taxes to build unneeded hotels, toy train and the airport, wasted billions on giveaways, you let the city completely fall apart outside the downtown loop and now after your people have set all time highs for murders and racist black murders of whites which you’ve hidden from while under your dictatorship you have the nerve to come out and say you’ve worked miracles with diversity? You’ve gotta be fucking kidding right? You’ve done more for dividing this city than anything one else in history. Thanks for distroying this once fine city. WORST MAYOR EVAR.

Anonymous said...

Where in the hell does this low life piece of shit think we are all in this together. Sly has brought more division to this city than it's ever seen.

What he really means to say is..... Let us blacks stick together and run things under the table and let the tax payers pay for it because we deserve it.

You bet he destroyed this once fine city!!!!!

Celebration of diversity???? BS! Go home Sly and poke your fat trophy wife. Son Of A Bitch!

Anonymous said...

What wife?

Anonymous said...

^ Gopher boi

Hyperblogal said...

We're all in this together as long as the Mayor gets his way.

Anonymous said...

Train Wreck

Anonymous said...

What a complete MESS of a public address!!

His voice is not clear.

He doesn't use proper English language.

It's like a guy who has had a few drinks and delivers an off-the-cuff rambling nonsensical speech.

Anonymous said...

Quite a few people drank the Sly James "I'm a public leader" KoolAid, particularly early on, but no one guzzled more than Sly himself.
A legend in his own mind.
Meanwhile, the homicide rates spiked, streets and sidewalks continued to deteriorate, taxes increased, water services became more expensive, debt ballooned, insider deals became more frequent and much more expensive for taxpayers, and all the rest of the clearly observable indications of a deteriorating city.
And Sly's focus is on climate change, diversity, income inequality, and a whole list of other issues that he has no ability whatsoever to affect and have nothing to do with city government.
The party's about over and Sly's going to have to find a whole new crowd of suckers.
This way to the egress!