Kansas City Kangaroos Contradict City Hall Carbon-Free Energy Promise

The city college offers a scientific peer-review of the latest 12th & Oak pledge to save the planet. Take a peek at EXCEPTIONAL journalism and a hint that the goals are rather ambitious from a group that hasn't been able to curb crime, fix the streets or provide water that doesn't stink. Checkit:

UMKC climate scientists break down city's promise of carbon-free electricity

A recent press release raised questions about how much the Kansas City Council knows about renewable energy-even though the city promises to deliver big on new carbon-free measures with its Renewable Energy Resolution. The city promises to supply "100% carbon-free electricity" to all municipal buildings by the end of next year, and the announcement made headlines.


  1. Every city council member who voted for this imbecilic resolution should have to demonstrate his or her dedication to the cause by going 100% carbon free at their own home, getting around only by public transportation and stopping major public projects (such as the streetcar extension) due to the amount of fossil fuel energy it takes to complete them.

  2. Liberals are so stupid. It takes oil to make anything and oil to maintain it. Less pollution is created to just directly use the carbon to create the electricity in the first place.

  3. Unless KCMO uses Hydro to produce electricity - remember that thing called the Missouri River?


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