Kansas City Has Plan To Lure Back NCAA!!!

This downer news is no cause or dismay. We trust that Visit KC has already formulated a remarkable plan of action get this tradition back on track. It's just a fluke that nobody thought of how important this is to local sports fans in the 1st place. Checkit:

NCAA Tournament not coming back to Kansas City soon | The State

The Midwest Region final was played before more than 17,000 at Sprint Center on Sunday, but because of scheduling cycles it will be a few years before the NCAA Tournament returns to Kansas City.


  1. Kansas City could be a yearly destination for a regional final or rounds 1 & 2. We have the arena and the hotels and amenities. We do have a lack of quality whores, though, and that’s the thing stopping us from being in the NCAA tournament on a yearly basis. Our whores are mostly tattooed worn out druggies. We need hot fresh young sluts to get the NCAA to come hear yearly.

    1. That is exactly what keeps Kansas City from getting a Super Bowl. The first requirement is that the city must have an abundant supply of hot young whores available. We have a bunch of tattooed bar sluts that are inadequate for a championship level sporting event.