Friday, April 19, 2019

Kansas City Friday Afternoon Links

Tribute to fashion & fitness hottie Jordan and pop culture news gathering for all of our friendly Friday clock watchers. Checkit:

Atlantic: America Is Too Glib About Breast Implants

FC: The end of Likes? Instagram follows Twitter in mulling downgrade to influencer mentality

Fox News: FDA revisiting breast implant safety after new concerns

Closer to home, here's a glimpse at the very best of the local news cycle . . .

Kansas City Green New Deal Coming Soon

Join me for a Green New Deal Town Hall!

The Green New Deal is the biggest opportunity of our lifetimes to build up our community and invest in the American people. At this Town Hall for a Green New Deal, we'll hear from community leaders about what's at stake, and how we stand to benefit. Join us!

Kansas City Stays Winning Tech Cash

Most-funded tech startups: $100M-plus investment puts PayIt on the map with C2FO

Companies in the Midwest and South are making major plays for investment dollars, according to CB Insights, with Kansas City's PayIt and C2FO earning spots on the latest map of the nation's most well-funded tech startups. "The tech boom has diffused beyond the traditional hotbeds of California, New York, and Massachusetts, across the entire United States," the CB Insights report said.

Protecting KC NextGen

Children's Mercy adds new unit for highly vulnerable preemies

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- Children's Mercy Hospital is taking strides to care for the smallest premature babies. They have added a new unit specially designed for the most vulnerable preemies who require the most critical care to not only to survive, but ensure their quality of life into adolescence and adulthood.

Home Team Redux?!?!

The Royals offense has been better than expected, but not because of The Process 2.0

Coming into the season, we knew one thing about the Royals. We knew that they were going to run around the diamond like crazy. Team speed was the only bankable commodity the Royals had, with the likes of Adalberto Mondesi, Terrance Gore, Billy Hamilton, and 2018 stolen bases king Whit Merrifield on the roster.

McTavish Shows Us All

The Top Stand-Up, Drag And Theater Comedy Coming Soon To Kansas City

Need a laugh? Schedule your appointment with levity, courtesy of a slew of stand-up comics and other comedy attractions scheduled to thump funny bones in the coming weeks and months in Kansas City. Unless maybe you don't need a laugh. Ha - that's a good one!

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


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Is AOC coming to the GND event? She his luscious tits.

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Oh, bet gimme some dat Greed New Deal, y'all! Occasional-Cortex says the plan provides for those UNWILLING to work.