Friday, April 19, 2019

Kansas City Faithful Talk Church Safety

Tragic local Holy Week and Passover considerations amid increasing threats to places of worship across the globe. Read more:

Churchgoers in KC say they still feel safe despite recent headlines

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- It has been a tragic week for churches across the globe. We all watched on as Notre Dame Cathedral's iconic spire fell in a pit of flames. In Louisiana, three historically black churches were set on fire and absolutely destroyed. Police said it was a hate crime.


Anonymous said...

Some swipe on the KANSAS CITY ATHEIST COALITION comment section is talking about how he would like to burn down churches. Keep an eye on those scum.

Anonymous said...

^^^ must be one of those mooselimbs, they hate christians

Byron Funkhouser said...

Christians shoot up a mosque & a synagogue, & now they're afraid they will shoot up their own churches?

Three black churches burned down in Louisiana by a sheriff deputy's son.

There has never been a hate crime committed against a White, Christian Church.