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This town's most prolific writer on the topic of faith-based social issues considers the sordid subject of God & higher learning. Take a look:

Should religious voices have a role on college campuses? 4-6/7-19

Think about our many public and private universities and colleges that are not, at least now, directly supported by or attached to a particular religious tradition. Is there a place for religious voices in such academic centers? Nicholas Wolterstorff, an...


  1. Entertain us Mr. Bill

  2. Institutions of "Higher Learning" today, are hotbeds of the radical ideologies mentioned by Billy Tammy. "... feminist epistemology, black sociology, liberation theology, gay literary criticism, Muslim hermeneutics."

    Herenunuetic - a method or theory of interpretation. That certainly comes in handy for those Mooslems employing Takiya when trying to explain the commands from their Pedophile founder when focusing on the treatment of Christians, women and various and sundry "Infidels" up to and including your dog.

    "Many schools that once were religiously committed in some way, he notes, are no longer."

    That's worked out well. The dearth of Ecclesiastical education in private and public colleges has coincided with the degradation of those same institutions into money pits, designed to enrich radical apparatchiks, destroy the Republic and proselytize for the new secular gods, that like Billy Tammy, in their heart of hearts, won't be happy until their is a Mosque dominating one end of the Football Field at Notre Dame.

    The Judeo - Christian Ethos make this country great (Fuck you Eric Holder you piece of shit.), not the pursuit of "Multi-Culturalism".

  3. Hey dummy, did you EVEN go to college bruh? The diarrhea you espouse on the daily, says you never did.

  4. Chuck is intellectually lazy. Oh, he's literally lazy too.

  5. Byron Funkhouser4/8/19, 9:53 AM

    Chuck is about 70 years old. He's a Vietnam Veteran. He can be as lazy as he wants.

    At least, he's not anonymous.

  6. ^^He's also a fucking racist, misogynistic, hateful prick too. You forgot that shit-for-brains. I fixed it for you!

  7. Past 65, still working---doesn't sound lazy!4/8/19, 12:41 PM

    9:53, BlieRon, advanced age and past military service does not get plays on sympathy. If Chuck is lazy, or not, that's his biz no matter what his age and DD214 reflects.

  8. Bill Tammeus was a draft dodger too.

    His main hobby now is to bash Catholics and Israel. He may not even realize it, but that is what he does.

  9. ^^and yet he doesn't. Weird.

  10. Byron Funkhouser4/8/19, 3:06 PM

    12:41 Apparently, Petersucker doesn't have a job.

    He's on here 24/7.

  11. No, it dosent, keep that shit at sunday school

  12. Interesting to see folks debating something that doesn't exist.


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