Sunday, April 21, 2019

Kansas City Easter Morning News Links

Quick look at some local news links for our news junkies on Easter . . . Take a look:

Kansas City Print Journalism Endures

KC is home to one of the oldest and most respected black newspapers in America

A century is a long time in any business-doubly so in publishing. But that's the milestone soon to be celebrated by The Call, the newspaper of record for Kansas City's black community. The first edition of The Call rolled off the presses on May 6, 1919.

Newspaper Obvious Question

With rooms sitting empty, KC should stop handing out incentives for downtown hotels

Kansas City's first downtown convention hotel since the 1980s is two years away, but the corridor from the River Market to the Country Club Plaza is seeing a resurgence with five hotels opening this year and another 10-plus planned to open by 2020.

Faith Community Of Acceptance

Church shows its support for gay community amid controversy

PRAIRIE VILLAGE, Kan. - The United Methodist Church remains deeply divided after a February vote to maintain a same-sex marriage ban, refuse to allow gay clergy, and institute harsher penalties on pastors who oversee same-sex ceremonies. In the wake of the controversial vote at a conference in St. Louis , some U.S.

Show-Me Ask For Help

Flooded Farmers In Missouri Want Federal Disaster Assistance Like Nebraska and Iowa

Missouri Gov. Mike Parson is expected to make a federal disaster declaration this week, which can't come too soon for farmers and others needing assistance after devastating floods. A large area of northeastern Missouri near the state lines of Nebraska and Iowa is still underwater following the flooding caused by a "bomb cyclone" that hit in mid-March.

Golden Ghetto Feeding Frenzy

Vendors hope city expands Overland Park Farmer's Market

The Overland Park Farmer's Market attracts thousands of shoppers each year - and it continues growing, prompting organizers and vendors to ask the city council for help to grow the market. One of those vendors, Bob Hughes, has a passion for honey. "I've been selling honey for a long time," said Hughes, owner of Jordy's Honey.

Fanboy Hope For The Future

Kansas City Chiefs: Ranking every first round pick in franchise history

The 2019 NFL Draft is taking place in a few days and this is always the time when we look back on past drafts. In particular, we like to focus on the first round selections and how they did with the organization who drafted them.

More Chances Of A Comeback?!?!

Royals Rundown: Kansas City bullpen beginning to jell after dismal start

After breaking out of a dreaded 10-game skid with a sweep of Cleveland last weekend, manager Ned Yost declared that the Royals "are a better team than the 10-game-losing streak showed."Some statistics back up that statement. On April 11, following the last of the 10 losses, the Royals' 4.5 runs per game was just below the American League average.

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Anonymous said...

If the call was so respected why does it’s building have graffiti on it? I’ve seen the call at the gas stations and they really need a new printer because it’s faded and barely readable.

Anonymous said...

I can see an all black news paper years ago when blacks and whites were kept separate. Today it's just plain and simple racism! What if there was an all white paper?? What then???? The ACLU that's what, but funny how black people keep the racism going and then blame white people for it. After reading this article I will no longer rent to black people!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

^^^^If there weren't a market for the Call, there wouldn't be a Call. Are you opposed to free enterprise?

Tracy Thomas said...

That Fatboy Slim video is the worst. Scruffy people in a circle at a mall, pretending to be modern dancers, ...or a plague of grasshoppers.

Anonymous said...

I prefer locusts myself, come in, destroy everything and move on to the next place to destroy.

Byron Funkhouser said...

8:09 Why do you constantly look for racism in black people?

Because you're a racist.

If you refuse to rent to black people you will be sued.

Anonymous said...

Eric Wesson editor of The Call is highly intelligent and well respected in the community. He does a great job and he "gets it'. Good job Eric. (the fresh flowers on your lapels are a ice touch)

Anonymous said...

Lara Moritz, Erin Andrews, Katie Horner and Michelle Bogowith have the best Mom tits on local T.V.. Christa Douchebag is just a porked up backstabbing goody two shoes wannane.

Anonymous said...

Look Socialist Nazi Byron only one who needs to be sued around here is you but being arrested also fits your crimes. It's easy to not rent to black people and be legal in doing so. Most can't pass a credit check. A bad credit report is all a landlord needs to say no. So nothing racist about that.

Those like BlieROB with booger brains make BLEXIT a bigly bright strategy!!! Funkydunce DISSES decent peeps of both races with faulty Assumptions!!! said...

B.Funkyhoosier, you're a hypocrite and racist. You posted on here, you would believe only an ALL black jury decision in a white woman's employment discrimination lawsuit. That's totally and stupidly biased, bigoted, and buttheaded!!!

There are no guarantees that juries won't have blacks as RACIST against blacks, as YOU are RACIST toward whites. There are blacks who will render fair judgement on everyone, just as they'd want for themselves and their loved ones. Having a particular pigmentation doesn't indicate what one's life experiences--beliefs--intelligence--morality--and total characteristics consist of.

Anonymous said...

^^^^You’re boring and you talk too much.

Blah! Blah! Blah! from the BathHouse! said...

You're a buttboi, and you take it up the mudhole!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Byron HATES a credit report. He lives in slum #8 land. Be honest Byron, you are a welfare thief. Be HONEST for once.

Anonymous said...

Spike Jonze is brilliant.

Tracy is an idiot.

Anonymous said...

This from the same newspaper that called Sly James the best Mayor we’ve ever had. This strategy is called puffing. Just because The Star says it, doesn’t make it so - unless you’re one of those people that need to have your opinion told to you. In that case, The Star is spot on. Lol