Thursday, April 25, 2019

Kansas City East Side History Destroyed

This trend isn't just an inner-city phenomena, the death of historic preservation is evident everywhere in KCMO from the city college to glass structures now dominating this town's most historic shopping district. Nevertheless, here's the Pitch pretending to care rather than putting any African-American reporters on their full-time staff. Read more:

After the destruction of black landmarks on KC's East Side, what's the path forward?

Chase Castor Bob Kendrick was sitting at Niecie's on Troost, working his way through the "Daily" - scrambled eggs, grits, white toast - on a Saturday morning last June when he got the call. Kendrick is president of the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum, and on the line was his colleague, Dr. Raymond Doswell, the museum's curator and VP.

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Anonymous said...

Probably destroyed by blacks so it's the blacks fault if it is so torn up it has to be torn down.