Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Kansas City Cycling Activists Lack Diversity

A glimpse at the road to gentrification and the best intentions of locals whose advocacy is missionary work at best . . . Take a look:

Seg. 1: Cycling, Class, & Race | Seg. 2: The Heart Of A Boy

Segment 1: Cyclin g, Class, and Race Segment 2, beginning at 38:00: The Heart of a Boy. Bike-friendly cities shouldn't be designed for one particular demographic or social class in mind. On this episode, we explore the question: how can Kansas City provide a bike-able city for everyone?


Anonymous said...

Another quota system request.

Anonymous said...

Weather permitting a 6 month mode of transportation, why all the attention for .5 % of the population ? Bikers make fags sound quite.

Anonymous said...

Ride Troost or Paseo. Hoodrats and Amish need moving target practice.