Saturday, April 20, 2019

Kansas City Culture War Week In Review

The best newsies in town talk about all things realated to the Kansas City discourse and debate.

Check the description:

"Nick Haines, Colleen Nelson, Pete Mundo, Brian Ellison and Steven Dial discuss calls for the resignation of the UMKC Chancellor after an incident with a conservative speaker on campus, KC's hotel inventory and occupancy rates, revising tax incentive policy, efforts to change redistricting plan in MO, power of political endorsements, first 100 days for Davids and Hawley, sports betting and more."

Take a look at the show more people will see on TKC than any other place:

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

I’ve never learned anything from Colleen Nelson. In today’s enterprise- no one understands the editorial board model (expense/expense/expense) as it serves to alienate readers and most articles seen comparatively at levels that suggest pseudo-scholarly...and atrociously unoriginal.
Perhaps Nelson can lead by revamping the business model and avoid the attempt at dopamine hits from social media “likes and high-fives”.
If not... employees counting on her will be serving as waiters or bar tending as the hope has been granted by AOC.

Anonymous said...

The media has missed the anger at MU by a mile.
Parents voting disapproval by not schooling their kids at MU.
Who can forget Melissa Click? Her influence was the trigger for many- yet the media won’t mention her.
The Melissa Click moment has profound legs.

Anonymous said...

The Star should do a “Where is she now?” on Melissa Click... and watch the anger go up along with a temporary media socialstorm with clicks to follow.
“Clicks for Click”.
(They won’t because they hate that was the definition of “left hatred”...that defines the media)

Anonymous said...

Nobody but the very old & irrelevant care about Melissa Click. We’ve all moved on. Just the diaper squad care, and nobody gives a shit about any of them. Find something else to get your diapers twisted about.

Sly's Killer Shitty said...


Anonymous said...

^^^^ Maybe you should take your own advice there soy boi, because we sure don’t care about anything you say. Find something else to get your diapers twisted about.

Anonymous said...

Moving up the charts! #4 in murders is getting closer and closer with every dead hoodrat! I wonder if Jolie is down at the river market admiring the pretty flowers this morning!

Quote from the walking dead, “look at the flowers Jolie, just look at the flowers”

Anonymous said...

C. Mauli Agrawal is an Indian-born American academic, who has been chancellor of the University of Missouri-Kansas City since June 2018.

Get rid of him. He's nothing but trouble.

Anonymous said...

He won't leave till June, so he can get his "Chancellor's" ticket punched.

Just another name whirling around in the revolving door of UMKC "Leadership".

Time for the Johnson Countians who run UMKC to park another of their out-of-work friends in this slot for a year or two.

Anonymous said...

They would only replace Agrawal with something equally incompetent and my guess is he would be colored.

Byron Funkhouser said...

Today is Adolph Hitler's Birthday.

Based on evidence from the last twenty years, there is a 20% probability of a white nationalist terror attack occurring today.

White people need to start being honest about how wonderful we are not, nor have ever been. Reparations isn't just about the money; it's about apologizing, & even admitting that there is something to apologize for.

Anonymous said...

^^^Prove up that statistic. It's either totally bogus or put together with funny numbers.

If you hate white people so much, why did you choose to live in one of the whitest cities in the country?

Anonymous said...

Only a true Nazi lover like Byron a Socialist Nazi in fact would keep track of Hitler's birthday. The ancient and distinguished surname Funkhouser is of German origin. Respelling of German name Frankhauser. Meanwhile Nazi Byron is sitting at home hoping one of his white Nazi loving friends does something stupid so he can rise up and say see I told you so.

Nazi's are a hatful bunch of people as Nazi Byron has proved. Hell Nazi Byron even hates his own family he is such a hater. Life is a supermax prison would be better than having to live with or even live by Nazi Byron. To bad I don't have extra money to waste or I'd expose who the real Nazi Byron is.

Anonymous said...


Apparently, the INTOLERANT LEFT, represented here by Colleen McCain Nelson of the bankrupt KC Star and LGBT Brian Ellison of liberal KCUR consider the above 4 words to be HATE SPEECH.


Nelson, Ellison, The Star, KCUR = part of the problem, not the solution

Nationally, Trump will win a 2nd term in 2020, defeating the Democratic Party ticket of:
Kamala Harris (female/black/immigrant/California Liberal)
Pete Buttigieg (male/white/homosexual/veteran/Midwest)

Democrats have gone WAY TOO FAR Left, concentrating on special-interest groups (immigrants, minorities, LGBT, etc.) while ignoring mainstream voters.
Even though many don't care much for Trump, they will vote for him again, feeling that the Democratic Party has abandoned them.