Friday, April 12, 2019

Kansas City Crooks Target 98-Year-Old Lady

Real life in local neighborhoods beyond politics and silly season promises:

98-year-old woman without air conditioning after thieves target her home...again

A 98-year-old woman says she's without air conditioning after thieves damaged her A/C unit.The woman's caretaker, who also lives in the home, says the house has been targeted by thieves several times in the past year.Recently, someone cut wires from the air conditioning unit behind the woman's house.The woman, Thelma McNally, has lived in the home on East 8th Street for more than 70 years.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to Sly's Killer Shitty

Anonymous said...

The best way to stay safe at home in Kansas City Mo is with a gun on your hip to blast any asshole who isn't suppose to be entering it.

Anonymous said...

The rat bastards that did this should have to buy her a new air conditioning unit by doing some back-breaking work for a dollar a day.

sandy said...

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