Kansas City Confronts NextGen Issues

Check a few news items that deserve a look but didn't rally fit anywhere else inasmuch as these stories deal with a myriad of challenges that face youngsters and their parents.

Take a look:

KCPD Rape Response Time Crisis?!?!

Man says KCPD took too long to respond to stepdaughter's rape

A Northland man said Kansas City police took too long to arrive at the scene of his stepdaughter's rape on Wednesday night.The man, who's not being identified to protect his stepdaughter's identity, contacted KMBC 9 News after he says officers did not respond quickly enough."I had to call (911) off of my cellphone three times after my wife made the initial call," he said.

Local Retail Access Debate
4-year-old with dwarfism denied access to Merriam IKEA child care helps change store policies

WARNING: Tragic Deadly Youngster Trend Persists In Kansas City

Children's Mercy sees spike in suicide-related ER visits

Children's Mercy Kansas City is experiencing an increase in the number of children and teens who visited the emergency room for suicidal thoughts and suicide attempts. From July 2017 to June 2018, the hospital saw a 39 percent increase in patients requiring a suicide assessment.

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  1. Child suicide rates are surging in the U.S. and we are not really sure why?

  2. Darwin at work, Zero fucks given.

  3. KC has compassion4/11/19, 8:05 PM

    ^^^ Internet tough guy. Always the biggest crybabies.

  4. suicide is not a bad thing is solves a lot of problems


  5. Let me tell you who to blame for a mans stepdaughter being raped!!!! Blame Sly James! He has taken cops off of the street to line his own pockets. As long as his UGLY daughter and FAT wife are safe he doesn't give a crap about anyone else except his kickbacks from developers!

  6. ^^No. We're not going to do that retard. Grow up! You seem really stupid. Have YOU looked into suicide? It would work for you!


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