Monday, April 22, 2019

Kansas City College Newsies Consider Kangaroo Consequences For Lavender Oil Attack On Conservative Pundit

The bubble bath debate persists at the city college and here's a worthwhile glimpse at some of the main issues in the discussion after Missouri politico urged for a cut in funding that would impact both students & faculty. Checkit:

Should Chancellor Agrawal resign?

"As far as I'm concerned, he should go," stated Missouri State Sen. David Sater. Sen. Sater, along with fellow Republican lawmaker Rep. Justin Hill, has publicly called for Chancellor Agrawal to either resign, or in Hill's case, be removed from office. Others have called for a decrease in UMKC's funding.


Anonymous said...

Chancellor Agrawal Isn’t worth shit so he belongs at a third rate school like UMKC. They really need to replace the students and get students serious about studying.

Byron Funkhouser said...

^^What a stupid comment.

How do they get new students? Move to another town?

I doubt seriously if you have any idea of Mr. Agrawal's worth.

Anonymous said...


Again Bryon you are an idiot! They replace students by stopping the funding which is what everyone is trying to do to stop the freeloaders and get students who want to learn unlike you.

Your comment is the stupid one. What does Mr Agrawal's worth have to do with anything.

You are half baked stupid!

Anonymous said...

Ignorant legislators. They don't understand the irreparable damage they cause to state institutions. Missouri will never be competitive with these elected fools.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn’t give him the chance to resign, I’d hand him his last paycheck ever from umkc and fire his ass effective immediately.

Anonymous said...

@9:48, do you have any concept how any University in this Nation keeps its doors open? No, let me withdraw that, obviously you don't.

Why, and in what Universe, would anyone who could afford the tuition choose to go to "Ghetto U"?

They would either go to Rolla o get a education or to KU to party.

Anonymous said...

Socialist Nazi Byron makes anothe stupid comment, but then what is new.

The school needs to lose funding and clear out those who think like Byron.

Byron Funkhouser said...

^^Damn, what a stupid comment.

What a pussy.

Anonymous said...

Sticks and stones Byron you worthless cock sucker.

Anonymous said...

No he shouldn't resign. Some Conservative pussy gets his feelings hurt by being sprayed with lavender oil? Jesus Christ, repubturds are such snowflakes!

Anonymous said...

lol yes he should have been fired a while back