Monday, April 08, 2019

Kansas City Coffee Winning

Important weekend achievement from a denizen of the local creative class who takes away an important honor in the constant struggle for better tips. Checkit:

Kaley Gann, Messenger Coffee manager, wins big at first U.S. Coffee Championships held in Kansas City

Kelcie McKenney Upstairs, in the quality control room at Messenger Coffee Company, manager Kaley Gann proudly brandishes what at first glance appears to be a white, ceramic coffee mug. On closer inspection, though, there's no handle, and the bottom is open, slotted with nine large square holes. It's actually a coffee brewer.


Anonymous said...

Buy, consume, don't think.

censored Citizen said...

Something to put on the resume.

Anonymous said...

Take away social media, coffee, and video games, and today's young adults are devoid of any purpose in life.

Anonymous said...

^^Sortta like today's geezers right? Take away this blog, and what's left for them?

Anonymous said...

^^^ Loads and loads of horney older women whose husbands worked themselves into early graves, senor discounts, ton of amusement laughing at youngster's stupid inexperienced opinions, and a sense of satisfaction knowing that, no matter how badly we screwed things up, it's no longer our problem.

Why do you ask @12:37?
Chances are very slim that you'll make it.

Anonymous said...

^^and yet here you are on this blog which absolutely invalidates everything you just said, and proves 12:37's point. Old stupid.