Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Kansas City Churro Donut Taste Test

Here's a thoughtful and exhaustive essay on the topic Taco Bell promotions paid in part by taxpayers and viewers like you:

Taco Bell's Churro Donut is Only in Kansas City. We Ate One. Let's Talk.

The corner of the bag was the first spot to soak through with grease. Next, the table where we shot the photo began to glisten as I slid the dense circles around. My fingers came away slick within seconds of touching the cinnamon-sugar dusted rounds. Welcome to a many napkin affair.


Anonymous said...

Spoiler: The guy has diabetes.

Anonymous said...

I ate one and like the rest of TB's food it wasn't worth having.

Anonymous said...

Remember when the crew at Taco Bell in shithole Grandview shat in the refried beans?

Taco Truck Tammy said...

I'm down with this shit!

As long as they keep it off my fucking street!