Thursday, April 25, 2019

Kansas City Chiefs WR Tyreek Hill Issues Statement After Abuse Investigation Scandal

Today's declaration, assurance and excuse from this town's football team . . .

Fox4: Tyreek Hill responds, says his son’s happiness is his number one priority


After several twists in a criminal investigation involving Tyreek Hill’s 3-year-old child, the Chiefs football player has issued a statement through his attorneys.

“I love and support my family above anything,” Hill said in the statement. “My son’s health and happiness is my number one priority.”

“My focus remains on working hard to be the best person for my family and our community I can be, and the best player to help our team win,” Hill said in the statement.

It’s unclear if Hill’s child remains with Hill or has been removed from the home.

You decide . . .


Phil Cardarella said...

America has a long sad history of a sequence of events that repeats itself: A crime may (or, sometimes, may not) have been committed that works up the public juices. With or without evidence, the public concludes (often aided by law enforcement innuendo and sensationalist journalism) that someone – historically a young black male and especially one who has somehow risen above his "place" – must be punished, due process be damned!

Now, the Johnson County prosecutor and The Star are not actually advocating that Tyrek Hill be physically lynched. That is too "old school". Mobs are soooo 19th and 20th Century They want to embarrass the Chiefs and the NFL to punish him by stealing his career and millions of dollars of his money that he would otherwise receive.

Now, everyone wants children to be safe – and it is not at all unusual for a Family Court to place an injured child outside of the family home (especially if the child's mother is dealing with an advanced pregnancy or other crisis) and require that young parents undergo both counseling and parent skills training before the child is returned. This is the sort of thing that happens dozens of times a week in both Johnson and Jackson County – quite often without any criminal charges being filed against anyone. And never with a grandstanding prosecutor holding a press conference about it to get a front-page picture!

But, children get injured – even if well-supervised. When my son was three years old, he fell and caused his face to hit against the sharp edge of the decorative feature at a restaurant. Out of an excess of caution, we decided he should have stiches, not just a band-aid. At the emergency room, my wife and I were greeted with skeptical questions about how this child could of been so injured. Luckily, even at age 3, young Philip was articulate enough to explain in detail that his fall had been accidental and exactly how it occurred.

Anonymous said...

Phil, you ignorant cock sucker. It appears that you are playing defense for a wife-beating child abusing asshole only because he gets paid to wear a chiefs Jersey. You should be fucking ashamed of yourself. Enough evidence is there to show that abuse did occur. Also consider his history of violent domestic assault on a pregnant woman. I'm not saying lynch the piece of shit, but your dumb ass trying to downplay the severity of what happened is unbelievable. I hope you eat your words one day. Maybe one day when you are choking on your own tongue that you bit off during your likely impending massive stroke (you fat fuck) your last feeling is of shame for being such a fuckass in life, but maybe not. Either way, know that when you finally go of old age, nobody will give two shits.

Byron Funkhouser said...

I suspect that the truth is somewhere between the two of you.

Hospitals are supposed to watch out for signs of child abuse, though getting injured is pretty much part of growing up.

He seems smart enough to know that he's on unofficial probation.

People will be watching ...

Anonymous said...

Please fuck off byron, you commie bastard. Nobody give a shit about your opinion.

Thinks he's a doctor practicing law! said...

Phil, serious question: Are you an actual attorney, or you just play one on TV, er, I mean, TKC?

WTF, is with that BS you're trying with this:

" is not at all unusual for Family Court to place an injured child outside of the family home (especially if the child's mother is dealing with an advanced pregnancy or other crisis)..."

What medical marijuana did you, oops, uh, medical journal, or medical professional did you consult that describes pregnancy, in the last trimester, as a crisis?

You're bold with that part: "Out of an excess of caution, we decided that he should have stitches, not just a band-aid". Oh, so did you have little Phil's face get sewn, when a nifty butterfly patch would do? Wow, who knew? Dr. Phil Bradshaw Cullen & Cullen Cardarella.

Anonymous said...

Phil-latio is Phil’s specialty

Anonymous said...

1:48, he's right and you are wrong. You know it, hence the snark.

Anonymous said...

Chrystal is well-versed at lawyering up to cover up for TH's abuse.

Do we really believe TH wrote the "statement?"

Anonymous said...

Most men will NEVER be accused of wife-beating or child abuse. Ever. Not even men whose families are involved in organized crime, Phil. Ty-REEK, on the other hand, is all about it. Do the math. Chiefs and billionaire sports organizations should be ashamed. And "fans" should boycott.

Tracy Thomas said...

Phil Cardarella is a fine attorney with decades of experience, and his observations are all true.

The other commenters are just guys in a diner. No degree. No experience with the courts.

As for Howe, is he kind of the Robert Mueller of Joco now? Not enough evidence to bring a charge. But he does not say "no collusion"!