Saturday, April 27, 2019

Kansas City Chiefs Draft: The Morning After

An important round-up of the picks, the team and insight into the new recruits who will confront challenges from both the opposition and the embattled front office. Read more:

Why the Chiefs made the picks they did on Friday night

With day two of the NFL Draft in the books, the Kansas City Chiefs have made their first three selections. Whether you like them, love them or despise the picks, there is always a method to the madness.


Anonymous said...

Who cares they're just becoming a team of liars, child abusers, women beaters and homophobes. Lamar must be spinning in his grave

Anonymous said...

The team is doing fine, just a few bad apples and rowdy fans. All is well.

Anonymous said...

New thug replacements.

Anonymous said...

Piss on the NFL and fuck those who support this gang of thugs. 40 Years ago fans would have hung those POS players.