Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Kansas City Chiefs Condone Culture Of Violence After Frank Clark Trade?!?!

Credit to activists against domestic violence for calling out the Kansas City Chiefs after their big money trade to help shore up the defense.

The roundup:

Fox4: Chiefs trade for Frank Clark stirs debate on domestic violence in sports once again

KCTV5: Concerns over Frank Clark's trade to the Chiefs

KMBC: Domestic violence shelter calls Chiefs signing of Frank Clark 'disconcerting'

CBS Sports: Michigan's Frank Clark dismissed from program following arrest

Detroit Free Press: Officer describes violent scene in Frank Clark's hotel room


Clark was kicked off his college team at Michigan in 2014 after the arrest. His charge was later pleaded down to disorderly conduct.

(Check that link from DFP which details the arrest report featuring Mr. Frank allegedly grabbing the woman by the throat, throwing her against a wall and creating an EPIC disturbance at a hotel.)

He made headlines again as a pro in 2017 when he taunted a women who was writing about domestic violence in sports. He posted a tweet, hinting she'd soon be fired and that he'd give her a job cleaning his fish tank.

Add this to former RB Kareem Hunt confronting controversy after footage emerged of him punting some woman in a hallway last season and then the domestic drama surrounding Tyreek Hill and it's clear that the front office now has a problematic history with allegedly abusive players and, even worse, public perception of the Kansas City Chiefs showing disregard for concerns about domestic violence.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

They are paid to win games. End of story. They will either play for us or against us. If they win, it's worth it. I could give a shit what they do on their time. Good for the Chiefs going out and getting this guy to help the team improve. He had other suitors as well.

1:02, Really?! said...

^^Oo-ga-chukka, oo-ga-chukka,

I'm hooked on da football!

I get hard when I'm jock sniffin',

'Cause I'm in luv wid da beaters!

Anonymous said...

^^and yet you're singing geezer rock on a football post. Advantage 1:02PM!

Anonymous said...

They are dogging this guy about a resolved case from five years ago (and for something he tweeted two years ago).

Leave these players alone. Why do resentful pricks act like they own a piece of this guy?

Anonymous said...

Cause it's da prog wae. The plantation masters want their power back.

Anonymous said...

RB Kareem Hunt confronting controversy after footage emerged of him punting some woman in a hallway......?????
you must of saw a different video than I did?

Anonymous said...

I hear that this football team has to get a new mascot because the one they have is insulting to Native American's.

New Mascot....The "KC THUGS".

Time to get rid of Veatch.

Anonymous said...

Football is violent, what's so new about that ?

Anonymous said...

National Felon League.

Must be nice to be a NFL player where you get out of charges can beat your women and kids and still earn millions a year.

Kind of like running for Mayor the laws don't apply to you.

Anonymous said...

What a joke!! We should have just kept HUNT WTF!