Kansas City Celebrates Anti-Crime Social Justice 'Volunteers' In Westport?!?!?

Pure propaganda from this station as we've talked to Westport leaders and checked the legislation . . . More than a few monitors are costing Westport about 1K PER NIGHT according to insiders. But here's the hype if that makes locals feel safer:

Volunteers in Westport work to ensure balance between safety, civil rights

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- Volunteers will be out in Westport for the first time this year, working to find a balance between safety and civil rights. On Friday night, metal detectors went up at six intersections. It won't just be security there.


  1. Do white people have civil rights?

  2. Do you mean do white men have civil rights? we are under attack by the blacks and the queers and there’s nothing we can do about it.

  3. Gopher Casey4/6/19, 7:47 AM

    I like how they have to use phrases like "having a little too much fun" and "lively" to describe the clientele that we are talking about these metal detectors being put up for in the first place. Would be nice to come right out and say drunken, thuggish, aggressive behavior will not be tolerated by anyone regardless of what "community" you happen to be a part of.

    And no, white peoples, especially male, have had the benefit all this privilege forever everyone keeps talking about. Today is a new day. Now go sit in the back of the bus, Whitey!

  4. They should have security checkpoints to keep fat tattooed sluts with STDs out of Westport. That’s like 80% of the women there.


  5. Well when whitey used to be the only ones who went to Westport there was never anything but people having fun. I saw one small fight that lasted for a few seconds and there was no guns involved no one was hurt. Westport was never on the news and always safe, so it looks like putting whitey on the back of the bus has caused Westport some pretty big problems.

  6. 8:32 +1

    You just KNOW, that some dumb Progressive SJW, white lady will get her jaw broke by some thug fuck this summer.

    And, it won't be reported.

    Inserting themselves into violence with the best of intentions, the idiots will be lucky if they don't get killed.

  7. In my opinion, the only super hero who can handle this type of ongoing violence, is, Melissa Click.

    If ANYONE can "get some muscle over here" and keep the peace in what is clearly an out of control situation, it is Melissa Click.

    We all know, that she is ready - willing and able, to stop ANY violent white people from disturbing the fragile peace in Westport. The ongoing threat from white supremacists is palpable every time I go down there. KKK thugs on every corner, just waiting to stomp the shit out of "Gentle Giants" helping old ladies across the street. Every where you look, there are red necks in white sheets, menacing, "mean mugging" filth that you don't dare turn your back on.

    All of these white scum bags are carrying guns, so thank god we have metal detectors to stop them from bringing in all of those AR 15s.

    I understand that all of the bars in Westport will be running "To Kill A Mockingbird" on continual loop to discourage sub human whites from ruining what is a great venue.

    God Bless Al Sharpton. A grateful notion holds it's breath as he picks the next president.

  8. Crookshank?


  9. Welcome to Killa' City.. A Sly James Jolie Justus Production4/6/19, 9:18 AM

    It's the cars fault. Take away parking, put in bike lanes, make it for cyclists only and Westport will be safe again.

  10. Thanks Chuck!

    It's way past time, for our local and national leaders to face the epidemic of White criminality that is crippling this once, great nation. Our collective hats are off to the Main Stream Media, for it's relentless pursuit of the Great White Whale White Criminal that is constantly murdering, raping, robbing and assaulting innocent blacks as they keep the economy thriving. We see, in so many cities all around the nation, prosperous, safe economies in spite of the White Necrotic Culture that destroys everything it touches.

    Available now, in cities like Detroit, Selma, Birmingham, East St. Louis and neighborhoods all across the fruited plain, are AFFORDABLE, LOW COST HOUSING----THANKS TO BLACK PEOPLE!!!!

    I will be in Westport every Friday and Saturday night this summer and I will NOT countenance ANY violence from ANY of the many White Supremacists who frequent the area!!!!

    Thank you Jesus, for the leadership of Al Sharpton.

    Thank you Mohammed for Louis Farrakhan.

    Thanks MU for making me famous and setting me on an unstoppable SJW path to victory over whitey FOREVER!!!!

    I'm "bringing the muscle" Chuck!!!!

    It will be SAFE in Westport soon!!!

  11. The era of Westport is over. Back in the late 1990s when I first went there it was so different than today. Sure, it was still sketchy but it wasn’t on lock down because of black males like it is now.

    Will KU be offering a class on angry black males and why westport needs metal detectors and security checkpoints? Or do we need to keep blaming whitey for violence and look the other way like a good progressive does?

    Do we need to blame white males for plaza mobs? You know damn well the mobs I’m talking about. The local news like to just call them “teens”. You know....just innocent kids with jobs hanging out on the plaza spending money. Not stealing or fighting....no no none of that. No shouting of foul language or cat calling women.

    This is KCMO. You idiots are getting ready to elect a lesbian to represent you just like the idiots in KS 3rd district did with Sharice Davids.

  12. KCPD can't get the job done.
    So the city has to step in.

  13. Considering how much the Westport Businesses have to shell out to AdHoc, if these people are really volunteering their time, they're foolish!

    They should make AdHoc pay them well for risking their lives by having to be anywhere near to uncivilized Hoodrats who have been drinking for hours.

  14. LOL THAT'S MY JOB, I ask ppl of they have seen a cat or want a $20 blowjob!


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