Kansas City Blogger Celebrates Pluralism

A note on local talks and religious concerns from this town's top faith blogger:

"Every religion makes exclusivist claims that followers of other religions reject. What's important is for adherents of every tradition to understand their own religion well enough to be able to discuss it intelligently and to learn more about the beliefs and practices of other traditions so that they can remove ignorance, which can lead to fear, which can lead to bigotry and even violence."

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  1. Billy is gay isn’t he? That’s why he hates Catholics

  2. I prefer Penn and Teller to David Copperfield. I can, however, empathize with Copperfield fans. Does that make me a good person?

  3. Jesus is a pretend friend for adults. Mohammed is a bad example of a human.

  4. This a topic for losers.

  5. Except that learning about and being inclusive of other religions is characteristic of almost no religion ever. Oh, Bill: The intellectual bantamweight.

  6. Byron Funkhouser4/9/19, 9:33 AM

    "Every religion makes exclusivist(sic) claims that followers of other religions reject."

    This is why only a secular government can guarentee religious freedom. When Christians talk about religious freedom, they mean the freedom to impose their religion beliefs on others (they are called religious beliefs because they are not true.)

  7. Is your keyboard Braille, BlieRON?4/9/19, 11:19 PM

    9:33, oh, just like you have beliefs that you're brainy and blind, but they're not true.

    Wow! Funky, you spelled "guarantee" with 3 "e"s!


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