Thursday, April 11, 2019

Kansas City Bitcoin Comeback?!?!?

The underlying tech is interesting and has many applications across a variety of different platforms even if it mostly helps kill the planet.

However, the money hype has led a great many investors astray as online fanboys attempt to talk up currency locally and play the get rich quick angle once again. Checkit:

Blockchain KC event aims to put city on the map for crypto thought leadership

Kansas City is running low on blockchain-fueled innovation, said Shekhar Gupta. "I want to see Kansas City as one of the top places where people think about blockchain," said Gupta, chief technology officer of Overland Park-based SaaS firm Asuun , and organizer of the inaugural Blockchain KC conference.


Anonymous said...

LOL suckers galore. That is what is interesting about the under"lying" tech.

Anonymous said...

Right go out and buy a new car and try to hand over four or five bitcoins and see what kind of response you get.

Anonymous said...

7:31 WINNER. Coins? Have you ever seen a bit coin? No. It's just a ponzi scheme.

Hyperblogal said...

With one click on the computer you can lose your entire bitcoin hoard. And there's no backup. Seems an ideal investment to me. Not unlike the massive trading of mortgages prior to 2008 an investment that was backed by air.