Supporters of some of the worst design this town has seen . . . There are a couple of candidate with a close affiliation with these activists and their pricey hobby often billed to KCMO taxpayers. Take a look:

Bike Walk KC: New bike plan will save lives and boost the local economy


Economic Impact Analysis shows new bike master plan will save 36 lives every year, add $500 million to the regional economy, and create 12,000 jobs.

BikeWalkKC is working with researchers at UMKC to conduct an Economic Impact Assessment and a Health Impact Assessment of the new Bicycle Master Plan. Early results show some very tangible benefits to Kansas City’s economy and health.

You decide . . .


  1. Add $500 million.... sure...more even than the chiefs and royals. Never give statistics to fanatics.

  2. Megafolly's Incorporated4/2/19, 9:03 AM

    Just what everyone in KCMO needs. Planning dogma developed by people who in 99% of the cases, at least locally, know nothing about the people they are regulating or planning for.

  3. Oh yah let us tax the shit out of everyone so bicyclists can honk their squeaky squeeze handlebar clown horns when cycling to Costco for groceries.

  4. Bunch and Rogers of @BikeWalkKC & @BikeShareKC should have been deported, or even better kicked out of the city a long time ago.

    It would have saved everyone a huge amount of hassles, headaches, and problems.

  5. And the potholes will be fixed this week and the airport will be free. Made up bull.

  6. If you get rid of the cars who pays for the streets? A tax on Bicycles?

  7. Figure lie and liars figure.

  8. Bicycle Master Plan, will save 36 lives every year, add $500 million to the regional economy, and create 12,000 jobs. Man where in the world did they jerk those figures from.

    If it is so dangerous for bikes to be on the streets would it not be cheaper to just ban the bikes if so many are dying and going to die from them? Maybe what we need to relook at is banning bikes off of streets too dangerous for them to be on if the number of deaths is starting to upset a few people.

    What is the ratio of bikes to cars on the streets 1 in 500 maybe? Or is 1 in 1000 more a working number?

    I still say a hefty fee for a tag to ride a bike off say your neighborhood side streets should be required. So far all I have seen is these few bike riders demanding huge amounts of money spent on them to use the streets but not adding any money at all to the projects themselves. So a fair price to me would be $500 for the bike tag to help with paying their share of road usage costs a bike rider does not currently have to pay at all for using.

  9. "Economic Impact Analysis shows new bike master plan will save 36 lives every year, add $500 million to the regional economy, and create 12,000 jobs."

    And the big bear said to the little bear, "Who's been sleeping in my porridge?"

  10. AOC says bikes are the future (and walking).

  11. Same people that said the P& Light District would make all kinds of money for KC and now $15 million comes out of the general fund so other districts suffer .

  12. Bikes should pay a fee if we are going to spend this kind of money

  13. Liberal arguments are never based on facts but rather extreme histrionics that set up a "Do what I say or people will die" dynamic.

    It's sad and childish...much like me when i dress up for my spankings from mommy

  14. once you exaggerate, you loose all credibility.


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