Thursday, April 18, 2019


The fate of a big money effort to further tinker with Kansas City streets earned mixed reviews in Council chambers today.

Just to bring everybody up to speed about today's meeting:

The Bike KC Master Plan aims to transportation connectivity a priority by adding more bike lanes, creating a bike-share program, installing and upgrading facilities, and teaching classes.

The cost of the plan's myriad proposal could range from $387 million to $418 million dollars — money earmarked from general obligation bonds, sales tax and some federal dollars.

Highlight from the open session . . .

Council Lady Katherine Shields reminded activists that creating greater efficiency for car traffic has more potential to save the planet than forcing bike lane impediments on an unwilling public.

Remember that in her home district there was a massive string of complaints about the HORRIFICALLY PLANNED ARMOUR BLVD BIKE LANES AND THE TRAFFIC BLIND SPOTS THEY CREATED.

Long story short . . .

Bike activists aren't getting as much money as the want given that their influence is waning, their work on local streets has been widely criticized and while their organizations often do great work for youngsters and adults in need . . . This election season they've been used as a stepping stone to higher office and overtly politicized.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

when you pull dollar figures out of your ass about how much return you get on your "investment" you start to lose all credibility.

Anonymous said...

Especially when you start with no credibility at all.
Somebody really has to have their head where the sun don't shine to come up with this crap!
No support at all by the public, but the empty-headed gang at 12th and Oak think this "cutting-edge" stuff is just swell.
Dig deep KCMO taxpayers!

Anonymous said...

Bike KC is an infected hemorrhoid on the anus of Kansas City. Don't believe me, drive east on Armour Blvd.

Censored Citizen. said...

Good comment from Shields.